Taking better care of our veterans

Bradley Byrne

Congressman Bradley Byrne (AL-1)

I’ve held over 75 town hall meetings since being elected to Congress, and these meetings allow me to get a feel for what issues are most important to the people I represent. At every single town hall meeting, I get at least one question about problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

We have all read different stories about the VA in the newspapers – stories about secret wait lists, VA employees stealing drugs, veterans dying while waiting for care, and doctors overprescribing pain medication.
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Individuals and small businesses need some help

By State Rep. Tim Wadsworth

Individuals and small businesses are suffering from a continual increase in taxes, fees, dues, payments, charges, levies, tolls, licenses, tariffs, regulations and anything else that requires money to come out of your pocket. The drain of the pocket book on the Alabamians has got to be reversed. What comes from the Alabama Capitol Building and State House are outflows of monies. It is time to reverse that trend by passing HB303 (Reducing State Sales Tax) and HB302 (Reducing Corporate Income Taxes).
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State House corruption demands a dose of preventative medicine

By State Rep. Will Ainsworth (R – Guntersville)

The Alabama Capitol Building and State House is currently suffering an epidemic of corruption, and rather than continuing to address the problem only after wrongdoing occurs, I believe it is time we implement a strong dose of preventative medicine.

That is why I have filed strict, no-nonsense term limit legislation in the Alabama House.

Consider for a moment some of the elected officials who have been convicted for abusing their offices in recent years:
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For Selma to grow, things must change

By Mayor Darrio Melton

Growing up inI never thought I would have the opportunity to be elected mayor. I always had a passion for this city, and I’ve spent my life working in the church and on all levels of government to try to make it a better place for all of us.

Selma comes with a rich history — from the Battle of Selma during the Civil War to the Bloody Sunday and Montgomery March that culminated with the passage of the Voting Rights Act. We’ve overcome tremendous obstacles together, but we still have work to do.
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Answer (HB97 and SB153) Same Ole State Longitudinal Data System

By Ann Eubank
Director Alabama Legislative Watchdogs

Last week in the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee it was business as usual, until SB153, the Senate version of Representative Terri Collins’ data intrusion bill (HB97) was removed from its legislative calendar. Totally unacceptable! There just has to be a new bureaucratic agency created; an agency that will drain another $1.5 million from our already strained Educational Trust Fund budget. So something had to be done to save this abomination.
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Tests are a part of life

By Mary Scott Hunter

No one likes standardized tests. My kids don’t. But the truth is, just like in life, tests are a necessary part of school.

In a couple of months your child and his or her classmates will take the ACT Aspire. It’s a scene that will repeat itself in classrooms and gymnasiums across the state.

My children will be among those sitting for the exam.
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Term Limits: the key to draining the swamp both in Washington and Montgomery

By Perry O. Hooper, Jr.

Montgomery – Term limits: President Donald Trump has made it a priority. Polling since 1993 has shown it as the one issue that generations of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents overwhelmingly agree upon. The only groups that consistently oppose term limits are lobbyists, bureaucrats, public sector union members, and the establishment elite incumbent politicians of both parties and their willing allies in the mainstream media. So why are term limits not in place at all levels of government?
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Why I fight for school choice

By Senate President Pro Tem. Sen. Del Marsh

With the election of President Donald Trump, school choice has been at the front of every discussion affecting education policy in the United States. I am pleased to say that the Alabama Legislature has been opening up choice for students and parents long before it was part of the national discussion. I am proud to have introduced sweeping legislation that allows the creation of public charter schools and the Alabama Accountability Act (AAA), which makes it easier for parents to send their children to different schools when they have no option.
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Alabama Republicans tried to clean house and were one vote short

By Hannah Ford

Last week, thirty-five House Republicans almost accomplished something wonderful for us when they attempted to vote in new leadership for the Republican super-majority in the House. Thirty-five of them echoed our dissatisfaction with cronyism and the good ol’ boy system at the people’s expense. They know that we’ve about had it with Montgomery’s status quo. They heard our cries for involved and principled leadership. And, they tried.
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The 21st Century Workforce

Bradley Byrne

By Congressman Bradley Byrne (AL-1)

A lot has changed since the 1930s. For example, in 1938, Franklin Roosevelt was President, and you could buy a loaf of bread for ten cents. Since then, the Internet was invented, more jobs are based in technology, and almost every American has a cell phone.

Sadly, some of our nation’s most important labor laws, like the Fair Labor Standards Act, date back to the 1930s. One could argue that the needs of the workforce have changed a lot in just the last decade, but they have most certainly changed over the last eighty years.
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