What happens when politicians forget about children

By Larry Lee

At best, it was a shotgun wedding. A contrived affair with reason thrown to the wind and political outcome the only thing that mattered. A crudely manipulated process with ethics casually tossed aside. A shameless example of blind ambition being the one constant.

The result was the installation of Mike Sentance as the Grand Poobah of all of k-12 public education in Alabama. A decision that months later still leaves Alabama educators shaking their heads in dismay and became so sordid five people have been called forth by a law suit to defend their actions.
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A Week on the Road

Bradley Byrne

By US Representative Bradley Byrne

11 town hall meetings. Over 700 miles. Six counties. Eight visits. Those are just a few of the numbers from my past week on the road in Southwest Alabama.

The House was out of session last week for a District Work Period. Some people call these weeks “recess,” but they are far from relaxing for me. In fact, these days often go from sun up to sun down with multiple stops a day. Here is a recap from my past week.
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Is there a fox in the hen house?

By Thomas Scovill

The rise of Kay Ivey to Governor and her appointment of Bryan Taylor as her legal counsel prompted me to recall my correspondence in 2012 with them on the subject of campaign finance.

That year I reviewed the 2011 annual reports of every official elected statewide and every legislator. I was impressed to find that most of these incumbents were following the law, most were using their campaign funds for campaigning, and few were involved in campaign finance shenanigans. Generally, my questions were taken seriously, replies were prompt, and the consideration of my criticisms were thoughtful.
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Staying Focused

By House Minority Leader Representative Anthony Daniels

It’s hard to believe so much has happened in the past week.

The former Governor’s resignation was long overdue. For months on end, the investigation of illegal conduct by the Governor and his administration caused a national embarrassment and an enormous distraction from the serious work of the people.

Unfortunately, the former Governor’s troubles are just part of a pattern of abuses by officials at the highest levels of power in our state. In only a year, the former House Speaker, the former Chief Justice of our Supreme Court and now the former Governor have fallen short of the standards of service in the public interest and adherence to the law.
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Stopping religious persecution

Bradley Byrne

By Congressman Bradley Byrne (AL-1)

This past week, Christians around the world celebrated Holy Week, which culminated on Sunday with Easter. This is a time when we gather with our family and friends to remember the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter is about reflecting on the events that led to this treasured weekend. It is about remembering that Jesus was not just an extraordinary individual but he was and is the son of God. It is about remembering the gifts of his resurrection, which we continue to receive each and every day.
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Brighter days ahead

By Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh

During this holiest of weeks, having just celebrated Palm Sunday and with the celebration of Easter just days away, a dark cloud looms above Alabama. Times are tough, but our State has seen its share of challenges in the past. I know that together, with hard work and faith, we will get through this.

The entire State has suffered from this scandal. It has scared away companies looking to build new factories or expand current operations. It has hurt the economy. It has damaged the moral fiber of Alabama.
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More options for working families

Bradley Byrne

Congressman Bradley Byrne (Al-1)

In the early part of 2017, much of the focus in Congress has been on rolling back damaging policies of the Obama Administration. We have had real success in these efforts, stopping flawed regulations covering everything from education to the Second Amendment to Planned Parenthood.

I think it is critically important we continue looking to reverse regulations and policies that do not work. At the same time, it is also important that we advance our own solutions that will make life better for hard working families.
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Crime victims deserve our support

Alabama Attorney General Steven T. Marshall

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week in early April is an important time to recognize the issues facing victims of violent crime. However, for those of us in Law Enforcement and those whose careers have been dedicated to seeking justice for individuals who have been harmed, a focus on victims is not a one week proposition. They are our priority 365 days a year.
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The Jeff Sessions I know

By William Smith

In his March 30, 2017 piece about Jeff Sessions, Mr. Kennedy called Attorney General Sessions a litany of names: a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and “apparently a liar.” Let’s take these one by one.

First, the “racist” label is hard to square with the endorsements from a number of African Americans, like former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former chairman of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission Gerald Reynolds, Alabama State Senator Quinton Ross, Alabama County Commissioner Albert Turner, Jr., and Executive Director of the Center for Rural Enterprise, Catherine Flowers. More importantly, unlike Mr. Kennedy, African Americans who have actually worked with Jeff Sessions and known him for decades, like former federal prosecutor Willie Huntley and former Federal Marshal Jesse Soroyer, and his former chief counsel on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, me, testified in support of Jeff Sessions because we know the man and he is not a racist. His love for his Chinese American son-in-law and granddaughters also debunks that label.
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Trump’s tax and infrastructure plans key to ending eight year war on business

By Perry O. Hooper

When candidate Donald Trump studied the anemic American economy, he realized the country needed a bold tax reform plan based on conservative economic principles that gave needed tax relief for all Americans, especially the working poor and middle class. He also saw a national infrastructure that was crumpling and for the first time was putting us behind other economies in the world.

We needed a tax plan that rewards success not punishes it. We needed a pro-growth tax reform for all sizes of businesses, and fiscally responsible steps to ensure this plan does not add to our enormous debt and deficit. He commissioned such a plan.
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