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Sessions Critical of White House Immigration Plan

By Brandon Moseley

Alabama Political Reporter

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R) issued a written statement following the leak of President Barack Obama's (D) secret immigration reform plan.
Sen. Sessions said, “The release of the President's immigration plan is more than a misstep or clever political maneuver. It is a dramatic disclosure of his real immigration ideology and goals. The plan grants amnesty on day one while making hollow promises of future enforcement that will never occur. The plan is a giveaway for the special interests and the open borders lobby. This president will never dedicate himself to enforcing the law, and this plan offers only further proof of that.”
Sessions continued, “It is plain what is happening. The special interests are again in the White House, demanding and getting their favors granted, while American workers and the public interest are again locked out. Unfortunately, the leaked plan is little different in its substance from the Gang of 8 plan, which is also unlikely to withstand scrutiny. Crucially, both plans confer legal status and work authorization on day one in exchange for promises of future enforcement on which this administration will never deliver. Perhaps this leak, and what it reveals, may mark the beginning of the collapse of this new scheme to force through a fatally flawed plan.”
Sen. Sessions' opposition to President Obama's efforts to give legal residency and a path to American citizenship for up to 11 million illegal aliens has drawn much criticism from the pro undocumented worker lobby.
On Wednesday members of the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice (ACIJ) picketed a fish fry organized by friends of Sen. Sessions.
In their statement to the press the ACIJ said, “It is time to jump on the bandwagon or to step aside.”
Juanita Mendoza said, “Our families are citizens, residents, and aspiring citizens of Alabama and we want to contribute to our community. “We ask that our members of Congress join the push for immigration reform or step aside and accept that immigration reform will become a reality.”
The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice was joined by the Alabama Immigration Compact in the vigil outside Sen. Sessions public fish fry in Russellville, AL.
According to their statement the goal of the protest was to call attention to Senator Sessions’, “Extreme stance against immigration reform and to remind the Senator and all members of Congress that the people of Alabama want them to create a common sense immigration process that reflects the American values of freedom, hard work, and keeping families together.”
The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice is a network of individuals and organizations which are seeking to provide a united voice in favor of immigration reform.
Senator Sessions has long been critical of President Obama's immigration policy because he feels that giving citizenship to illegal aliens would only encourage more immigrants to enter the country illegally while increasing the burden on taxpayers to pay for services for the new immigrants.


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