Opinion | Exposing Spanky and the gang

January 5, 2018

By Joey Kennedy
Alabama Political Reporter

When my wife, Veronica, publicly told about the brutal spanking she endured from former Anniston Star Publisher H. Brandt Ayers in the Star newsroom in 1975, I didn’t realize how the story would spread nationally and internationally.

I knew it would be big in Alabama; I just didn’t realize how far and wide this story would be told.

I’ve known our whole married life (38 years) about the assault. I’ve known how it has affected my wife and stayed with her. But I never would have written about it unless Veronica said she was ready to tell her story.

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Do words have meaning? A closer look at Subsection (g)

July 12, 2017

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

Subsection (g) of Section 36-25-13 of the Code of Alabama 1975, is often overlooked because, on its face, this portion of the Alabama Ethics Code seems pretty straightforward (if you are not a lawyer looking to help your client find an exception to the two-year revolving door provision of the code).

Former Acting Finance Director, Bill Newton, intends to open a consulting business. So, he asked the Alabama Ethics Commission to grant him permission to use his years of government service as leverage, to provide professional services/advice, request information from public officials/employees, to aid his potential clients, under what they hope may be an exception to the two-year ban on such activities.
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