Interstate 65: Alabama’s immediate infrastructure needs

June 19, 2017

By State Auditor Jim Zeigler

I do not need expensive studies and consultants to know that Alabama has immediate infrastructure needs. I experienced a major infrastructure problem Saturday afternoon.

While the inadequacy of Interstate 65 from Birmingham to Montgomery — and on all of the Beach route — may or may not be our most dangerous problem, it may well be the most immediate. It is a problem right NOW.
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Lawyers, Hospitals, and Money

February 1, 2012

By Grant Hallmark
Alabama Political Reporter

“If they leave, several businesses around the area will simply shutdown,” state rep. Patricia Todd told Alabama Political Reporter. She continued, “The problem isn’t even profit, they make plenty. They just want to make more, and they’ll make more on the 280 corridor.”

Todd is talking about Trinity Hospital possibly moving from Montclair Road to the 280 “world class lifestyle-corridor.” Trinity’s parent company, Community Health Systems out of Franklin, TN, is attempting to move the hospital to the never-used HealthSouth building (the building was in construction during the HealthSouth scandal). While St. Vincent’s Hospital and Brookwood Medical Center have both opposed the move for obvious competitive reasons, there are many people are opposing the move for development reasons. According to Todd, the hole left by Trinity would not only be a blight on the Crestwood and Eastwood areas, but it would also kill several businesses that depend on the traffic Trinity (and previously Baptist Montclair) created. There are several pharmacies and grocery stores within a mile of Trinity that will undoubtedly suffer tremendously.
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