Governor’s Emotional Appeals Aren’t Fooling Anyone

September 1, 2016

By Beth Clayton
Alabama Political Reporter

I usually follow the #ALpolitics hashtag on Twitter, and it’s usually good for up-to-date news and up-to-date laughs. Lately, those laughs have come from the Governor’s account–he’s taken to the Twittersphere multiple times in the last week to emphasize the growing need to fully fund Medicaid, highlighting faces of people–particularly children–whose coverage would be at risk without a state lottery.

Governor, don’t be ridiculous. Don’t play the pity card now, after you’ve spent the past two years denying Medicaid expansion that would save an estimated 600 lives every year.
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A Gun or A Bitter Pill: The Test We Face

August 29, 2016

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

With only three days remaining in the 2016 Special Session, lawmaker’s willingness to come together for a Medicaid solution is waning, and hopes of letting the people vote on a lottery are faint; if not totally beyond reason.

If we believe that, “The sleep of reason produces monsters,” then we must acknowledge that reason has fallen into a somnolent haze these last few weeks.
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