It’s time to squash America’s irrational love of guns

November 6, 2017

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

When did it become cool to own a bunch of guns?

This is the thing that has always escaped me in the never-ending gun debate: Just when in the hell did owning a gun make you the macho, cool guy?

For most of my early life, growing up in the South, where pretty much everyone owned a shotgun and rifle for hunting, I didn’t know a soul who owned a bunch of handguns or assault rifles. Oh, our dads and granddads had revolvers that were kept in underwear drawers, with bullets that were stored somewhere in the house.

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Can’t never could

July 6, 2017

Rep. Craig Ford

One of the things I learned from my dad when I was young, is that you can accomplish the things that may seem impossible; things that other people tell you can’t be done.

More than once, somebody (sometimes even me) would tell my dad that something couldn’t be done. But dad would just smile at them and say, “Can’t never could.”

As a legislator, my dad fought for a lot of projects that some people doubted would ever become a reality. Dad fought for I-759 before it ever existed (years later, they named it the “Joe Ford Highway” in honor of him).
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