BillyFeast ends with Canary hanging on

August 14, 2017

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

It was a “subdued” gathering, noted individuals who attended to 2017 Business Council of Alabama (BCA) 2017, Governmental Affairs Conference. Others called it a “BillyFeast” or “Canary’s Canard.” But by all accounts, it was three days of BCA’s CEO Billy Canary trying to save his job.

Several Legislators did not attend the gathering this year. Some were uninvited, and other choose to sit it out rather than be associated with Canary. As one lawmaker said, “Billy’s a dead man walking.” But, there is concern that Canary has stacked the Board with Lackey’s who do not understand politics enough to show him the door.

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Hubbard: Defiant and Unrepentant

July 11, 2016

By Bill Britt
Alabama Politcal Reporter

Michael G. Hubbard received a sentence of 96 years for his crimes.

However, because he was convicted under State ethics laws, Judge Jacob Walker, III, with advice from the State’s prosecution, gave him a split sentence of 4 years behind bars, with no “good time” or chance of parole, and 16 years probation.

There has been a cry of outrage over what is perceived as a light sentence for such a corrupt politician. But, this is actually a harsh sentence and a reasonable measure due to overcrowding in our State prison system. The State’s prosecution had recommended 5 years in prison and 12 years probation; very close to what Hubbard received.
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