Opinion | Why doesn’t it hurt to be wrong anymore?

January 12, 2018

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

Do conservatives never feel dumb?

Maybe “dumb” is too harsh. Embarrassed? Ashamed?

Any of those? Any feeling resembling some level of remorse for loudly holding a belief that is 100 percent wrong?

Because, I hate to be the bearer of tough news here, but you guys are wrong a lot.

A whole lot.

On some pretty basic things.

I suppose that happens when your every belief eschews facts in favor of feels. But still, I wonder if you feel badly when your long-held beliefs — particularly those that are hurtful to your fellow Americans — prove to be untrue?

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“Embarrassment” statement is just latest Jones gaffe

October 20, 2017

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Wednesday, the Democratic nominee for Senate Doug Jones reportedly said, “I’m tired of Alabama being an embarrassment around the country.”

Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate Campaign Chairman Bill Armistead pounced on that comment.

“Alabama needs a senator in Washington who is proud of this state, someone who will be a strong ambassador for Alabama,” Armistead said. “We don’t need an Obama-like senator who goes on an apology tour for Alabama like President Obama did for America. Doug Jones’ comments are reminiscent of the condescending remarks made by Barack Obama about people who bitterly cling to their guns and religion.”
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Breaking The Pattern Of Corruption In Alabama Politics

June 14, 2016

By Minority Leader Rep. Craig Ford

We’ve all heard the famous saying, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It’s more than just a saying, really. It’s a lesson from history that Alabama leaders have continued to repeat over and over again.

The conviction of House Speaker Mike Hubbard, the suspension and pending hearing of Chief Justice Roy Moore, and the various investigations (from federal and state prosecutors, to the state Legislature) of Gov. Bentley are all symptoms of the abuse of absolute power.
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