Oliver Robinson shouldn’t go to jail alone

June 23, 2017

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

Oliver Robinson is going to jail.

Quite a few others should be going with him.

If Robinson, a former State Representative, wants to redeem himself and maybe help the constituents he’s sold out, he’ll spend the next few weeks and months working to make sure the jail cells around him are filled with other suit-wearing, fast-talking, greased-palm hustlers who have hijacked our State political system.
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Enemies From Within

October 21, 2016

By Perry Hooper Jr.

Our enemies have long preached that the only way we as a people could be defeated, would be from within. Four more years of the disastrous polices implemented by the Obama administration and promised by a potential Clinton Administration could just about do the trick. From social engineering that has wrecked havoc on the American Family, to economic policies that has made it impossible for far too many hard working Americans to find a decent well paying job, our country is being attacked from within. It’s no secret Clinton has promised us among other disastrous policies: open borders, a Supreme Court packed with liberal justices and more Obamacare.
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