New Program Could Award College Degrees to Thousands in Alabama

November 11, 2016

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

College students in Alabama can now reverse transfer credits from a four-year college or university to a two-year school in order to obtain an Associates degree, thanks to a new partnership among State colleges signed on Wednesday.

The change could immediately affect thousands of students in Alabama, allowing them to apply for Associates degrees that they’ve already earned.

“It’s a significant change that really benefits all of the parties involved,” said Glenda Colagross, the interim president at Southern Union Community College. “For the students, it allows them a credential to go on their resume that they’ve rightly earned. For the schools, it increases the graduation rates. For the State, it shows an increase in the number of degreed citizens we have in the workforce.”
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Senator Dial Takes Action

October 11, 2016

By Larry Lee
Education Matters

Unbelievable as it may seem, according to Alabama law, the requirements for someone to be the superintendent of a local school system are much tougher than those to be state superintendent, which is about like saying an operating room nurse needs more training than the surgeon she is assisting.

Alabama Code Section 16-9-2 spells out the requirements for a local superintendent. for example: The county superintendent of education shall be chosen for his general fitness and character and shall be a person of recognized ability as a school administrator. No person shall be eligible for appointment by any county board of education or for any political party nomination, or for election to the office of county superintendent of education unless such person:
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