Opinion | Alabama “corrupt?” Well, it does add up

January 25, 2018

By Joey Kennedy
Alabama Political Reporter

Hello, from one of the most corrupt states in the nation. That’s according to a variety of studies – Harvard University among them — on both illegal corruption and legal corruption. Like the University of Alabama in college football, the state Alabama is a national Top 10 in corruption; Top 5 in some studies.

That sort of adds up, doesn’t it?

We’ve seen, in just the last few years, the state’s former Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard convicted on 12 felony ethics charges. We saw Republican Chief Justice Roy Moore booted off the Supreme Court for the second time in his career, then Moore outed as a molester in his U.S. Senate race against Democrat Doug Jones, who beat Moore in a December special election. There’s Dr. Robert Bentley, the “Luv Guv,” who had some sort of relationship with a top aide, then got bogged down in other nefarious stuff and was forced to resign.

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Separating Fact From Fantasy

August 22, 2016

Education Matters
By Larry Lee

Ever since the state board of education decided on Aug. 11 to hire Michael Sentance of Massachusetts to be state school superintendent, we have heard over and over about what a great school system Massachusetts has. The implication being that someone from Massachusetts can magically turn Alabama into their southern sister.

Unfortunately, a realistic look at the two states shows how foolhardy such thoughts are..
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