Public hearing on broadband bill renews debate on government influence in private businesses

April 13, 2017

Sam Mattison
Alabama Political Reporter

A bill that would expand municipal governments’ reach into broadband and internet services renewed a debate on government expansion into private enterprise at a committee meeting on Wednesday, April 12.

The House Committee on Commerce and Small Business was a packed house on Wednesday with some people even forced to stand in the back.

The main attraction at the committee meeting was a public hearing on House Bill 375 which would allow certain municipalities to increase government services into broadband and internet.
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BREAKING: Gov. Bentley Great State 2019 Plan Unveiled Tonight

February 2, 2016

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

MONTGOMERY—Later this evening, Governor Robert Bentley will unveil his far-reaching agenda to move the State forward into the future. The bold, yet inactive “Great State 2019” Plan, outlines a list of priorities often discussed, but rarely acted upon. If this Governor is successful in completing his goal for the State, he will have a legacy claimed by few.

From educational opportunities that offer real hope of impacting the lives of students, to rebuilding the prison systems crumbling infrastructure, Governor Bentley is looking beyond the horizon of his own administration.
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