Public leaders set the example, whether we like it or not

March 9, 2017

Rep. Craig Ford

Bullying and intimidation are nothing new to American politics. In 1856, Congressman Preston Brooks famously beat Senator Charles Sumner with a walking stick. Just ten years ago, State Senator Charles Bishop assaulted state Senator Lowell Barron on the floor of the Alabama Senate.

People can be passionate about their beliefs – especially their political beliefs. For the most part, these passions are not expressed in violent ways. But recently we have seen our country become more violent over politics, and part of that increase in violence is due to the example our leaders have set.
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Hubbard Tries to Subpoena Press (Me)

January 27, 2016

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

MONTGOMERY— During Tuesday’s hearing, Hubbard’s criminal lawyer, Lance Bell, tried to turn the proceedings into an evidentiary hearing on prosecutorial misconduct, contrary to Judge Walker’s orders. Hubbard is seeking testimony from radio news gatherer and commentator, Baron Coleman, and this reporter, alleging we received Grand Jury information leaked by prosecutor Matt Hart.

Bell wants to depose Hart on the matter, arguing, because published a statement from Hart 13 minutes before’s Mike Cason, it somehow proves a nefarious transaction between the Alabama Political Reporter and the prosecution. He also wants Judge Walker to believe that Hart leaked Grand Jury information because he inadvertently sent the motion, in which Hubbard’s attorney, J. Mark White, and his firm, asked to withdraw from the case.
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