Requiring all daycares to be licensed is common sense

March 2, 2017

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

There are things you come to expect in life.

That the Alabama Legislature would serve us all much better by not meeting — ever. That an elderly person’s ability to shut off a ringing cell phone is determined by the number of people in the room. That strip mall stores with double doors will inexplicably keep one of them locked.

And that the daycare center where you send your children each morning is licensed by the State and someone somewhere drops by every now and then to at least make sure they’re not keeping the space heaters burning by the curtains.
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Hubbard’s Post-Trial Snoozer

September 4, 2016

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

OPELIKA—While searching for any thread of an argument that might lead to a new trial for convicted felon Mike Hubbard—once the most powerful politico in the state—attorney Bill Baxley whined, fretted and accused state prosecutors of blindsiding, bushwhacking and bamboozling his client.

Having written about Hubbard’s misdeeds since late 2012, the courtroom drama ending with his conviction makes Baxley’s latest attempt at the September 2 hearing feel like Hubbard trial 2.0 ad nauseam. Only Baxley’s fantastical leaps of legal logic and strained linguistic gymnastics kept the proceedings remotely interesting. Baxley argued several points, only winning on one issue with Judge Walker’s ruling that Hubbard would not be required to pay $1.125 million in restitution, as the prosecution asked.
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