Common Core Opponents Urge Senate Rules Committee to Debate Repeal Bill on Floor

April 30, 2015


By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Wednesday, April 29, the Senate Education Policy Committee narrowly gave a favorable report to Senate Bill 101 which would repeal Alabama’s controversial College and Career Ready Standard.  The controversial standards are aligned with Common Core and embrace unproven educational practices which critics claim are setting back a generation of our nation’s children.

The Alabama Foundation for Limited Government wrote in a statement, “THE ALABAMA STATE REPUBLICAN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE last year voted 409-1 to ask the legislature to STOP COMMON CORE to no avail. The National Party voted to do the same. Your corrupt Alabama Legislative leadership will not allow State Senator Rusty Glover’s Anti -Common Core bill to come to the floor for debate. Corruption in Alabama all the way to the classroom. Money drives common core and the Business Council of Alabama, is trying to derail our efforts. So…. Go Away BCA. Let the Alabama Legislature, which your PAC mostly elected, listen to the people and Stop Common Core. BCA, your members, all the way to the local Chambers of Commerce, should be ashamed.”  BCA, the Business Council of Alabama, has embraced the College and Career Standards as a step forward in preparing students for the workforce.
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