What kind of change will come?

July 10, 2017

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

When the Alabama Republican Party swept into power during the November 2010 elections, they promised us change. In his book, Storming the State House, Mike Hubbard wrote of that November evening, “It would fundamentally change the direction of Alabama, and of my own life, forever.”

Republicans have controlled Alabama’s State government for nearly seven years, and the only justification they offer for their shortcomings is, “It would have been worse under the Democrats.”
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Bentley’s Op-Ed Proves He’s Delusional

May 11, 2016

By Stephen Cooper

In an op-ed for al.com dated May 9, 2016, Governor Robert Bentley declares he has no “intention of being a caretaker governor.”

Bad news for Bentley: His insistence that he won’t to be relegated to the sidelines during the remainder of his time in office as a “caretaker” governor is not only poignantly pathetic, it’s a whiny, plaintive, petulant protestation nobody believes.

Moreover, while everyone gets what Bentley’s op-ed unpersuasively tried to say, that Bentley would go out of his way to distance himself from the role of a “caretaker” should come as no surprise to Alabamians (or anyone else) following the reality-tv-style high jinks Bentley’s salacious, self-serving tenure will forever be remembered for.
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