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Alabama Political Reporter Corrections Policy

The Alabama Political Reporter welcomes complaints and notifications about errors that should be corrected. Messages about news coverage can be e-mailed to [email protected]

[This policy is loosely based on the policy of The Washington Post.]


APR strives to provide quick, accurate and in-depth news. In all cases, we strive to respond quickly to errors we identify ourselves or those that are pointed out to us. We will always quickly correct an error of fact. When an error is identified, we will issue a correction by updating the body text of the report and by adding a footnote denoting that a correction or clarification has been made. The note will explain what was wrong and what has been corrected.

Updating a report

While we add notes to stories that have been corrected with a major update, we think it unnecessary to apply notes to stories that have been updated for other reasons. As with most digital publications, our stories often evolve and sharpen as we gather more reporting or refine the work. Unless we have identified an error of fact, we do not apply a correction or editor’s note when a story has been updated. It is necessary, however, to apply a correction note, clarification note or editor’s note to inform readers whenever we correct a significant mistake.


If we are substantively correcting an article body, headline, or other material, we aim to promptly include a correction explaining the change.


Clarifications may be used when our work is factually correct but the language could be misleading or misconstrued. In these cases, we update the material to appropriately reflect the facts. In these cases, we may denote that an update has been made.

Editors' notes

At APR, editors’ notes are used to add context or more information about the material that may not be available within the text or body of the material. Unlike other publications, editors’ notes do not necessarily reflect an error, though they may be used to provide context to an error.

Other corrections policies

  • When aim to respond to readers who point out errors. We appreciate our readers who hold us accountable.
  • When we publish erroneous information on social media, we correct it on the platform.

Take-down or unpublish requests

We only take down, unpublish or retract stories in the most serious cases of inaccuracy in which the entire story has been called into question. However, we may take down work that has been published unintentionally, in which case we aim to do so as quickly as possible.