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EPA Warns that Chemicals Could be Too High in Eight Alabama Water Systems

Brandon Moseley



By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Friday, May 20, the Alabama Department of Public Health announced that the tap water from the West Morgan-East Lawrence Water Authority, the Gadsden Water Works and Sewer Board, the Centre Water and Sewer Board, A.W. (Vinemont Anon West Point) Water Systems Inc., West Lawrence Water Co-op, the Northeast Alabama Water District, the Rainbow City Utilities Board, and the Southside Water Works and Sewer Board may pose some health risks according to new standards released by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

State Representative Mack Butler wrote, “Health Advisory- Today I received a call from our State Health Officer to make me aware of a recent ADEM alert about our water in Rainbow City, Gadsden, and Southside. The advisory is for pregnant and breast feeding women. Currently Rainbow City buys their water from Gadsden who has announced that they are working on the issue. Southside gets their water from wells but is connected to Gadsden for emergencies and Rainbow City is in the process of connecting to Odenville and will be buying water from them rather than Gadsden very soon. This conversion will be complete in a few months. I will post updates as I receive.

The Alabama Department of Public Health announced that it is working with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) and federal agencies to determine any potential hazards related to perfluorinated compounds in drinking water in the eight north Alabama water systems.

On Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a final health advisory for perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooactanoic acid (PFOA). These compounds are man-made chemicals that resist heat, oil, stains, grease and water. They are found in products such as nonstick cookware, carpet protection products, firefighting foams, and waterproof clothing.


Recent scientific studies suggest that, “Exposure to PFOA and PFOS over certain levels may result in adverse health effects, including developmental effects to fetuses during pregnancy or to breastfed infants (e.g., low birth weight, accelerated puberty, skeletal variations), cancer (e.g., testicular, kidney), and liver effects.”

According to information from the Alabama Department of public health, PFOS and PFOA in drinking water are usually from facilities that manufactured these compounds and industries that used them in their manufacturing processes.

According to the EPA, the final health advisory is based on scientific studies and was developed to protect sensitive populations such as pregnant women, breast-fed infants and formula-fed infants whose formula is prepared with tap water. The health effects of exposure in the general population are not totally clear at this time, but the health advisory level will be protective for them as well.

EPA’s health advisories are recommend that pregnant (or women who might become pregnant) and breast-feeding mothers served by the identified water systems consider using alternate sources of drinking water. EPA further states that for formula-fed infants, it is advisable to consider using formula that does not require adding water. Other people served by these systems may also consider these steps.

PFCs will not be removed by boiling the water. Be aware that PFCs will also be in your ice.

Other household uses of water such as showering, bathing, laundry and dishwashing are not a concern.

For the last three years, the levels of PFOS, PFOA and emerging contaminants in surface water have been monitored in all drinking water systems serving more than 10,000 people and in selected systems serving fewer people.

The ADPH says that it will continue to review all studies and recommendations related to ingestion of these chemicals through public water supplies. ADEM is working with the named water systems to collect additional monitoring data where appropriate and to identify methods to reduce the water concentration of PFCs to a level below the final health advisory recommendation.

State Health Officer Dr. Tom Miller said, “We continue to use the best information available to make recommendations to protect the public.”

The water may be safe enough for farm animals and pets. The Alabama Political Reporter is monitoring the situation and will report more as we learn more.


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Ainsworth says that Twinkle is a liar

Brandon Moseley



The Republican race for Alabama Lieutenant Governor has gotten heated with both candidates questioning the truthfulness of the other. On Monday, state Representative Will Ainsworth, R-Guntersville, loaded up the family into a new flatbed truck with a giant fiberglass tiger statue in the back and towing a powerful bass boat. The Ainsworth family toured the state on the last day of the campaign in what Ainsworth called a “truth tellin tour.”

The Alabama Political Reporter caught up with Ainsworth at a press conference in Vestavia at the City Hall. Ainsworth presented APR with a copy of a letter from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office that he said offers conclusive proof he was never arrested in that area.

“You have NO record of arrest/confinement at Jackson County, Alabama Jail. Per the Circuit Clerk’s Office, you have ONE Citation/Ticket in the year 2001 for operating an unregistered boat,” the letter from Jackson County Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen reads.

Ainsworth told APR that in 2001, he was operating a boat that was owned by a friend, “I didn’t have money for a boat,” when the marine police ticketed them for not having proof of registration of the boat through a current boat sticker. The owners of the boat were able to present the court with proof of registration so they were charged $10 in court costs and the case was dismissed. Ainsworth said that he was never arrested for the boating infraction.

“Twinkle made it up,” Ainsworth said of his opponent’s claim that he had been arrested in Jackson County. Ainsworth even had a campaign sign saying, “Twinkle is a liar.”


Ainsworth said that Twinkle has falsely claimed in television and radio ads and mass mailings costing thousands of dollars.

Ainsworth also objected to the Cavanaugh campaign’s claim that he stole $15,000 worth of property.
Ainsworth admitted that he was arrested once while a college student at Auburn University; but said that it was a “college prank” and not grand theft.

Ainsworth admitted stealing a fiberglass tiger, like the one that he had on his truck.  The tigers had been placed around the City of Auburn by the Chamber of Commerce.

APR asked: there has been some conflicting reports on this as to whether it was one tiger or several tigers.  How many tigers was it?

“Five,” Ainsworth said.

APR asked were all of the tigers eventually returned or are there some of them hidden in Guntersville someplace?

Ainsworth said yes, they were all returned and that they never meant to keep the tigers. The plan was to take the tigers and hold them until an amnesty day came where they could return them without charges being filed. They were, however, discovered before the amnesty. Ainsworth admitted that it was a mistake.

Ainsworth said that the Cavanaugh campaign has misreported the facts of what happened in these two incidents.

“If we can’t trust Twinkle to tell the truth as a candidate, how can Alabamians ever believe a word she says as an elected official,” Ainsworth said. “As a career politician and a product of the Montgomery swamp, she has based her entire campaign on lies, deceit, and dirty tricks in hopes that some of her false attacks will stick. I have confidence that Alabama Republican runoff voters are too smart for her dirty tricks.”

APR asked if all of the negative campaigning and negative attacks have hurt the chances of the Republican nominee against the Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor in the fall, Dr. Will Boyd.

Ainsworth said that he did not think it would.

The Republican primary runoff is today.

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Secretary Merrill reminds voters that crossover voting rules are in effect

Brandon Moseley



Today, July 17, 2018, voters will return to the polls to make a final selection for the candidates they want to represent the Republican or Democratic party in the November General Election which will be held on November 6, 2018.

Secretary of State John Merrill (R) reminded voters that, as a result of legislation passed in the 2017 Session of the State Legislature sponsored by Senator Tom Whatley (R-Auburn) and Representative Arnold Mooney (R-Indian Springs), that they will only be able to cast a ballot for the party that they selected in the June 6th Primary.

Some candidates for both parties have already been selected, but voters are encouraged to return to the polls to make the final selections for their party representatives.
Voters will also be asked to show photo-ID.

Forms of photo ID accepted at the polls are any of the following documents: driver’s license; Alabama photo voter ID card; State issued ID (any state); federal issued ID; US passport; employee ID from Federal Government, State of Alabama, County, Municipality, Board, or other entity of this state; student or employee ID from a public or private college or university in the State of Alabama (including postgraduate technical or professional schools); Military ID; or Tribal ID.

Persons without a valid photo ID can get an Alabama photo voter ID card for free from their Board of Registrars.


To apply for the free Alabama photo voter ID, a voter must show: a photo ID document or a non-photo identity document that contains full legal name and date of birth; documentation showing the voter’s date of birth; documentation showing the person is a registered voter; and documentation showing the voter’s name and address as reflected in the voter registration record. A citizen’s name, address, and voter registration status can be verified by the Secretary of State’s Staff, using the statewide voter registration system.

Examples of non-photo ID documents that can be used in applying for a free Alabama photo voter ID card include a birth certificate, marriage record, Social Security Administration document, hospital or nursing home record, Medicare or Medicaid document, or an official school record or transcript.

The State of Alabama does not have same day voter registration so if you are not already registered to vote, you likely will not be able to in today’s election. The deadline to get registered for this election has passed. If you are registered to vote, and moved but still live in the state of Alabama but did not update your registration; you will have to go back to where you were assigned to vote when you lived at your old address.

The Secretary of State’s website can provide any Alabama voter with their assigned polling location.

Alabama does not have any online voting and it is too late to apply for an absentee ballot so you will have to physically go to the polling place where you are assigned in order to participate in the election. If you already have an absentee ballot you need to go ahead and turn that in.

Alabama does not have party registration, so if you did not vote in June’s primary election June you can vote in either the Republican or Democratic runoff elections. If you did vote in the primary, you are limited to voting only in the same party that you voted for in June. No matter how you vote today you are free to vote for the candidates of your choice regardless of party in the general election on November 6.

There is no write-in candidates allowed in either party primary.

The polls will open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m.

Refer back to after the polls close for election results when they become available.

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McCutcheon chief of staff Jim Entrekin moves on; new chief of staff in limbo

Charlie Walker



House Speaker Mac McCutcheon, R-Monrovia, announced on Monday, that Jim Entrekin, his chief of staff accepted a new position within the state Legislature as general counsel for the Legislative Services Agency.

“I congratulate Jimmy on this well-earned new opportunity, and as grateful as I am to have had him as my chief of staff, it would be selfish to expect him to turn down the opportunity he has been offered,” McCutcheon said. “Luckily, his new role will allow him to continue to work closely with the House and Senate, and we will still be able to call upon him for his advice and analytical insight.”

State House staffers speaking on background say, Representative Mark Tuggle, R- Alexander City, will replace Entrekin as McCutcheon’s chief of staff.

The Speaker’s Office didn’t announce Entrekin’s immediate replacement because according to well-placed insiders Tuggle’s appointment is being held up by the Ethics Commission.

Tuggle earned public notoriety and good-natured scorn last year when he sponsored legislation to tax The Forever Wild Land Trust, which is a state-organized program to create nature preserves, recreation areas, state parks or wildlife management areas.


The bill died in the House, but Tuggle blamed the media, not his colleagues, for its defeat.

His legislation was considered a runner-up for the Shroud Award, a lighthearted ceremony at the end of the session to recognize the representative who sponsored the “deadest piece of legislation.”

Rep. Ritchie Whorton wins 2018 Shroud Award for car headlight bill

From the House floor, Tuggle berated the press in a fashion rarely seen in the lower chamber.

State House staffers also say Entrekin was pushed-up rather than pushed-out because of McCutcheon’s kindheartedness.

House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels, D – Madison, also had congratulations to offer Entrekin.

“Jim did an excellent job as the Speaker’s chief of staff and worked well with members on both sides of the political aisle,” Daniels said. “He is well respected among members, and I look forward to working with him in his new role.”

House Majority Leader Nathaniel Ledbetter, R- Rainsville, commented on the ease of the transition from Entrekin’s former position to his new job.

“While serving as the Speaker’s chief of staff, Jim was a valuable source of timely, accurate, and unbiased analysis of bills, resolutions, and other measures,” Ledbetter said. “We are lucky that he will remain in the State House and continue to share his legal skills with the Legislature.”

The LSA, Legislative Services Agency, is a non-partisan branch that provides fiscal and legal support services to the Alabama House and Senate. Entrekin will now be providing legal guidance and liaison services in various areas of the Legislature and to its members.

According to the press release, Entrekin was a graduate of the University of Alabama School of Law. He also worked in private legal practice with an emphasis on appellate, business/contract, and labor/employment law. Entrekin also served as a law clerk for the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals, as well as served as a law clerk in the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals.

The rumored Ethics Commission delay may or may not keep Tuggle from moving on to the currently vacant chief of staff position under Speaker McCutcheon.

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EPA Warns that Chemicals Could be Too High in Eight Alabama Water Systems

by Brandon Moseley Read Time: 3 min