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About the Alabama Political Reporter

The Alabama Political Reporter is a daily political news site devoted to Alabama politics. We provide accurate, reliable coverage of policy, elections and government. We strive to be a political news organization that gives citizens, lawmakers, business leaders and organizations one place where they can find thorough, in-depth and original coverage of all the political news that affects our government and our lives.


APR is an independent, non-partisan media company that has positioned itself — via its robust, interactive website — as the most trusted source for political news, analysis and commentary in the state of Alabama.


We believe the best way to guarantee good government is to have a fully and accurately informed citizenry.


The purpose of APR is to produce honest and accurate reporting that informs, educates, alerts and calls citizens, lawmakers and business leaders to action to insure the people of Alabama are represented by the best government possible.


APR covers all aspects of the state’s political process including policy, elections, government and its leaders. The company employs the best reporters, expert columnists and statisticians to provide in-depth coverage, thoughtful reasoned opinions and useful data that gives citizens, lawmakers and business leaders one true destination for all things relating to Alabama politics.


In Alabama today, there is no single website or news organization that provides this vital, comprehensive information service. Therefore, we believe that by providing timely content that addresses key daily political news and complex, longer-term issues, along with solid reporting that digs below the surface, APR has become the go-to source for policy makers, opinion leaders and citizens who want to understand their government and have a say in Alabama’s future.


We believe the Alabama Political Reporter website is the intersection at which the most powerful in politics and business meet, therefore, making it a most desirable advertising vehicle for those doing business in Alabama and for those wanting business from Alabama.


We believe the core group behind this project has the experience, news knowledge and the passion to make the APR a success.