Pro-Second Amendment Rights Bill passes out of committee

March 9, 2017

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Wednesday, February 8, 2017, the House State Government Committee gave a favorable report to Senate Bill 2, sponsored by State Senator Phil Williams (R-Rainbow City. SB2 prevents local governments from adding special taxes on guns and ammo. The Legislation would also prevent sheriffs from adding extra requirements to get a concealed carry permit such as making permittees write essays.

Sen. Phil Williams said this is a simple bill. The City of Seattle passed a user fee on gun purchases to pay for the cost of gun violence. They are charging $25 per gun purchase and 5 cents per bullet. This bill would not exempt guns from sales tax, we are fine with that; but there should not be any kind of special taxes levied by local governments in Alabama.

This bill also prevents authorities from adding special qualifications to receive a concealed carry permit. Lowell, Massachusetts police Superintendent William Taylor is requiring that concealed carry permit applicants write an essay on why you needed a concealed carry permit. SB2 would prevent something similar from happening to Alabama gun owners.

Sen. Williams said that they did not take away local officials ability to charge permit fees.

The State Government Committee is Chaired by State Representative Mark Tuggle (R-Alexander City). Chairman Tuggle said that Federal excise taxes would still be in play.

SB2 has already been passed by the Alabama Senate. Its next step in the legislative process is to be considered by the Alabama House of Representatives.

Both the Alabama House of Representatives and the Alabama Senate Republican caucuses have pledged to make protecting Second Amendment rights a priority in this legislative session.


Pro-Second Amendment Rights Bill passes out of committee

by Brandon Moseley Read Time: 1 min
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