Winn calls for leadership change at the Alabama Democratic Party

November 29, 2016

By Luther Winn, Jr.

The African American and Hispanic communities have reached an impasse in regards to the Alabama Democratic Party. A metaphorical pitchfork in the road of sorts….with questions before the Democratic Party that must be asked, such as: Where do we go from here? Is this the party for us? Do we stay with this party or do we abandon this party? I am hoping that the latter is not an option.
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Statement of Luther Winn on Behalf of Greenetrack

March 31, 2014

By Luther Winn

Today marks yet another sad chapter in a long history of partisan harassment of our operations. The attempts by the Alabama Attorney General to go after Greenetrack for legitimate gaming compelled us to suspend an aspect of our gaming in an abundance of caution.

Such targeting by the Attorney General is clearly a blatant political maneuver meant to undermine and damage our efforts to expand our operations into other states. While an inconvenience and an injustice, we are confident that fair minded people will see this transparently unethical action exactly for what it is…political blackmail. Using police powers to pursue a partisan political agenda is an abuse of power. After years of persecution and discrimination this has become an emotional issue for our supporters in Alabama.
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