Governor announces that this is Computer Science Education Week

December 5, 2017

By Brandon Moseley 
Alabama Political Reporter

Gov. Kay Ivey, as part of Computer Science Education Week 2017, announced she is joining the Governors’ Partnership for K-12 Computer Science. The governor announced that creating opportunities for computer science education in Alabama is a pillar of her “Strong Start, Strong Finish” education initiative, and this Partnership furthers that commitment.

“Today, as we kick off Computer Science Education Week 2017, I’m pleased to partner with other governors around the country through the Governors’ Partnership for K-12 Computer Science,” Ivey said. “I am excited to lead the efforts to expand access to computer science education for all students in Alabama. We must continue working to provide opportunities so that students can have a running start toward the high-demand jobs of today. We live in a technology-driven world so I want to ensure our educational system teaches in a technology-driven way. Joining the Governors’ Partnership is a key step forward in paving the way for my ‘Strong Start, Strong Finish’ education initiative.”

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Senator Dial Takes Action

October 11, 2016

By Larry Lee
Education Matters

Unbelievable as it may seem, according to Alabama law, the requirements for someone to be the superintendent of a local school system are much tougher than those to be state superintendent, which is about like saying an operating room nurse needs more training than the surgeon she is assisting.

Alabama Code Section 16-9-2 spells out the requirements for a local superintendent. for example: The county superintendent of education shall be chosen for his general fitness and character and shall be a person of recognized ability as a school administrator. No person shall be eligible for appointment by any county board of education or for any political party nomination, or for election to the office of county superintendent of education unless such person:
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