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Tea party activists: Don’t confuse them with independents

Dear Editor,

“Tea partiers are disgruntled social conservatives aiming to take control of the Republican Party. Independents are the antiparty force, trying to restructure the partisan political system.”

This is the title of an article written by Jackie Salit is the president of, a national association of independent voters and these sentiments are held by many in the minor Party ranks.

When the leadership of Tea Parties become corrupted by becoming part of the Oligarchic system and begin both promoting only one Party and opposing all outside the 2 party system then those individuals become enemies of the Constitutionalists movement and MUST be dealt with! The Tea Party movement MUST remain pure in the fight to elect Statesmen who represent the ideals of our Founders REGARDLESS of what brand they choose to wear!

This does NOT mean that we become Anti-Republican, Anti-Democrat or Anti-Minor Party but PRO Constitutional Conservative. We must realize that the “Spirit of Party” as Washington put it and the Oligarchy it represents is the real enemy of the Republic. BOTH Major Parties are = in their power madness and = in corruption. BOTH Major parties are controlled by the same behind the veil Oligarch elites. We must find ways to break that control by identifying and working to elect Statesmen who will protect this REPUBLIC regardless of the Party label or brand they wear.

The Tea Party movement MUST remain non partisan and continue to support the Constitutionalists candidates REGARDLESS of Party.

Richard Rutledge
Chairman Conservative Party (Alabama)

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