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Cullman church leaders urge gov to repeal immigration law

Staff Report

Alabama leaders are urging Gov. Robert Bentley to make changes in the state’s immigration law as a matter of fairness and out of respect for the people directly affected.

The Benedictine Sisters and the Benedictine monks of St. Bernard Abbey in Cullman joined with bishops across the state in signing a letter that asks the governor to work for revisions of what they call “an unjust and unfair law.” Leaders of the Roman Catholic, United Methodist and Episcopal churches in Alabama wrote and signed the letter.

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The goal is to create a minimum of 300 social and civic action ministries across Alabama by 2026.


An ALFA spokesman said Brooks actively sought the organization's endorsement and became critical when he didn't get it.


"To increase voter participation, you don’t irrationally expand the electorate; instead, you make it easier to vote and harder to cheat."


With Democrats in control of Congress and the presidency, it will be difficult for any of these bills to pass.