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AEA’s Reed has been effective for half-century

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MONTGOMERY — Joe Louis Reed started fighting for his version of justice in the 1950s, right out of the U.S. Army, and he did not stop even in his last weeks before retirement after 42 years at the Alabama Education Association.

The 73-year-old associate executive secretary of the AEA is retiring Saturday along with AEA Executive Secretary Paul Hubbert, ending one of the most powerful political duo acts in Alabama history.

AEA Attorney Gregory Graves was elected Reed’s successor and AEA financial analyst and former state Finance Director Henry Mabry was named Hubbert’s successor.

“I like a few things, I like to hunt,” Reed said in a Dec. 13 interview. “I’ll do my memoirs and be sure we build (the AEA) and help it what I can.”

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"With AEA's influence growing again, the right-wing attacks have started. Because it's the only hope to protect public education."

Featured Opinion

"Written off for dead just a few years ago, the AEA has quietly and quickly rebuilt itself."


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