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Chairman Armistead Responds to Gov. Bentley’s State of the State

From the Office of Bill Armistead, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Bill Armistead, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party released the following statement after Governor Bentley’s second State of the State address-

“Governor Bentley outlined an ambitious agenda that is focused on the economy here in Alabama, and I am proud of his plan and our Republican legislative majority that will help make it a reality. The Republican message on jobs and the economy was front and center in Governor Bentley’s remarks. This bold plan will help Alabama create real jobs, unlike the jobless recovery and stimulus spending of Barack Obama and Washington D.C. In fact, Washington D.C. and Barack Obama should take lessons from Alabama and what can be done to turn a state around with a Republican government. After all, Alabama has led the nation in its decrease in unemployment figures for the last two months, going from a high of 10% last summer to 8.1% in December.

“Democrats and special interests controlled Montgomery for far too long. While Republicans take action by presenting plans that will effect change and initiate reform, Democrats prefer the status quo that hurts our children in this global economy and hampers economic growth here in Alabama. Tonight, led by Representative Craig Ford, they have responded in their usual fashion, promising to put up roadblocks to deny these needed advancements. Ford went so far as to make baseless claims that Republicans will have to cut Medicaid by 25% as the only way to pay for these needed reforms. Alabamians have had enough of scare tactics such as these and are ready for the real results that Republicans have and will continue to deliver.

“I am proud of Governor Bentley, Speaker Hubbard and Pro Tem Marsh and all of our elected Republican leaders for campaigning on issues and governing the way they campaigned, with compassion and concern for all Alabamians. As the second legislative session begins this week with a Republican Governor and Republican legislative majority, I know that Alabamians will be encouraged and hopeful about our future as a state and community.”

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