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Bills We Have Been Following

By Susan Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

Some of the bills that we have been following were presented on the Senate Floor today. Here is the update:

SB35, sponsored by Senators Brooks and Ward, requires secondary metal recyclers to record more information in the purchasing of scrap metals including taking photos of the seller as well as tag, make and model of car for certain purchases. It also makes it a felony to sell manhole covers, air conditioner coils, grave markers unless properly licensed. A substitute was presented adding that recyclers must pay annual fee of $250. Blackwell proposed an amendment to include historical markers. The bill was carried over in order to write the amendment.

SB138, sponsored by Senators Ward, Whatley and Fielding, allowing circuit courts to use private judges when the amount of the case is below $100,000 and where the two parties agree to using a private judge. Senator requested an amendment to include utility companies. The amendment passed 27-0. The bill passed with a final vote of 24-4

SB144, sponsored by Senators Waggoner, Marsh, Ward, Pittman, Bussman, Allen, Orr and Reed, makes it illegal to text on a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. Senator Singleton announced a filibuster. Waggoner moved to have the bill carried over.

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