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Beason Signs Pledge to Oppose Tax Increases

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter 

Senator Scott Beason (R) from Gardendale, and candidate for Congress, sent out a press release announcing that he had signed the American’s for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

The press release says that, “The pledge states that Beason will “oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses” as well as “oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.”

In a phone interview with ‘The Alabama Political Reporter’ on Friday Sen. Beason said that he would not support a tax increase even if the increased revenues were all applied to the deficit.  Sen. Beason said, “We take in an unbelievable amount of money.” “A tax increase would simply stymie the economy. We need to cut government spending.”  Senator Beason said that taking money away from businessman and the investor class and the private sector to give to the government would only slow economic growth and hurt the economy.

In the press release Sen. Beason said,  “I signed Grover Norquist’s pledge to confirm to the voters of the Sixth District that I’ll protect that I’ll continue protect their hard-earned income at the federal level the same as I have the county and state level,” stated Beason. “When it comes to taxes, I not only talk the talk, but I also have a long track record of walking the walk.”

Senator Beason told ‘The Alabama Political Reporter’ that the federal government needs to cut waste and spending.  We asked Sen. Beason if entitlement spending should be cut by gradually raising the retirement age to 68 or 68.  Beason acknowledged that that is one possibility but said that benefits should not be cut for current seniors but “in the long run there has to be entitlement reforms.”  Sen. Beason said that we need to move towards privatization for the younger people.  He said that former Speaker of the House and current Newt Gingrich has called Social Security a Ponzi scheme and that he agrees with that sentiment.  Sen. Beason said, “The current system is not sustainable.” 

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‘The Alabama Political Reporter’ asked Sen. Beason, “Obama has proposed raising taxes on passive income like dividends and capital gains to the same rate as current income, what is wrong with this idea?”

Sen. Beason replied, “We have already paid tax money on this money one time.”  You work hard to make your money, you invested it in something, and then they (the federal government) wants to take their cut when the money you risked finally shows a profit   The bottom line is we need to cut spending. The federal government has a spending problem not a revenue problem.  We need to cut spending.”

Sen. Beason opposed the largest tax increase in state history in 2003 in the Alabama House of Representatives and in the Alabama Senate he successfully opposed an occupation tax on all the working people in Jefferson County.

Total tax revenues for the United States Government are $2.3 trillion.  The United States Government spends $3.6 trillion a year.  The difference rest is the budget deficit paid for by deficit spending.  The national debt stands at $15.4 trillion.

Senator Beason is running to Represent Alabama’s 6th District in the United States Congress.  The seat is currently occupied by Congressman Spencer Bachus (R) from Vestavia who is seeking his eleventh term in the United States Congress.  Blount County Probate Judge David Standridge and Teaparty activist Al Mickle are also running in the March 13th Republican Primary.

The winner of the Republican Primary will face a Democratic Party opponent in the November 6th General Election.  Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Penny Huggins Bailey from Leeds is running against Birmingham attorney William “Bill” Barnes in the Democratic Party Primary on March 13th.

The sixth district includes most of the suburban and rural parts of Jefferson County, most of Blount County, Shelby County, Bibb County, Coosa County, and Chilton County.

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To read Senator Beason’s Press Release in full:

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.