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Report Shows Senators Who Will Receive or Decline Pay Raise

By Susan Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

According to records obtained from the Secretary of the Senate’s office, 19 senators have returned and 17 senators have not returned their letters asking if they will accept the cost of living increase to their salaries this year.

The cost of living raise will be $134 per month for twelve months or $1608 annually. The senators have until April 1 to return the letters. If the letter is not returned they will pay increase will automatically be applied.

Below are the results of the report as of Wednesday, February 29. They include the status of the senators’ letters, the senator’s annual salary and their monthly expenses).

Letters Returned Not Accepting Raise

Senators Gerald Allen ($47,496/$3,958), Billy Beasley ($49,296/$4,108), J.S. Beason ($49,296/$4,108), Dick Brewbaker ($27,360/$2,280), Benjamin H. Brooks, III ($27,360/$2,280), Paul Bussman ($49,296/$4,108), Vivian Davis Figures ($47,496/$3,958), Jimmy W. Holley ($40,368/$3,364), Bill Holtzclaw ($49,296/$4,108), Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey ($67,296/$5,608), President Pro Tem Del Marsh ($27,360/$2,280), Senators Arthur W. Orr ($43,428/$3,619), Bryan Taylor ($27,360/$2,280), James T. Waggoner, Jr. ($47,496/$3,958), Cam Ward ($47,496/$3,958) and Phil Williams ($40,800/$3,400).

Letter Returned for Accepting the Raise

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Senators Linda F. Coleman ($50,904/$4,242), Harri Anne H. Smith ($50,904/$4,242) and Rodger M. Smitherman ($51,696/$4,308).

Letters That Have Not Been Returned

Senators Roger H. Bedford, Jr. ($50,088/$4,174), Slade Blackwell ($41,904/$3,492), Gerald Dial ($49,296/$4,108), Priscilla Dunn ($50,088/$4,174), Jerry Fielding ($49,296/$4,108), Benjamin N. Glover, III ($49,296/$4,108), Tammy Irons ($49,296/$4,108), Marc Keahey ($48,288/$4,024), Shadrack McGill ($49,296/$4,108), Trip Pittman ($51,096/$4,258), Greg Reed ($49,296/$4,108), Quinton T. Ross , Jr. ($48,288/$4,024), Henry Sanders ($50,088/$4,174), Paul Sanford ($49,296/$4,108), Clay Scofield ($49,296/$4,108), Bobby E. Singleton ($50,088/$4,174) and Tom Whatley ($49,296/$4,108).

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