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Dems block teachers bill




From the Office of Senator Greg Reed and Senate Majority Leader Jabo Waggoner

MONTGOMERY – A bill that would have provided funding for classroom supplies in Alabama schools was blocked yesterday by Senate Democrats, leaving teachers and parents left holding the bag to continue paying out of pocket for these expenses.

Senate Bill 257, sponsored by Senator Greg Reed (R-Jasper), would have provided for an annual appropriation from the state’s education budget of $300 to each classroom teacher in public school grades K-12.

Senator Reed said the stalling tactics employed by Democrats was shameful, especially considering the financial burden placed on educators and parents during tough economic times.

“It’s unfortunate that my Democrat colleagues would rather put partisan politics over sending money to our classrooms,” Reed said. “Our hardworking teachers and parents have been called upon to pay out of pocket for classroom supplies for too long and this legislation would have helped ease that financial burden. It’s a huge disappointment when politics gets in the way of our children’s best interest as it did today.”

Senate Majority Leader Jabo Waggoner (R-Vestavia Hills) echoed Reed’s response.

“This legislation is important, not just to our hardworking educators, but to Alabama students and parents,” Waggoner said. “Teachers and parents will once again have to pay out of pocket and students go without supplies all because our Democrat colleagues apparently don’t share our commitment to education.”


Reed said he remains committed to this legislation and vowed to work to get the bill back on the Senate’s agenda despite Democrat’s objections.


“This is an issue I’m passionate about because my constituents are passionate about it,” Reed said. “I will work to get this back on the calendar to get these educators the classroom funding they deserve.”




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