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Newt Gingrich Rallies In Hoover

Brandon Moseley



By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Speaker Newt Gingrich spent Saturday campaigning in Alabama.  His campaign had stops in Dothan, Robertsdale, Orange Beach, and Hoover.  ‘The Alabama Political Reporter’ was in attendance at the Hoover Winfrey Hotel where former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich addressed 170++ supporters.

Speaker Gingrich told the enthusiastic crowd, “Barack Obama believes in the radicalism of Saul Alinsky.  I believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Barack Obama’s policies lead to unemployment and food stamps.  I want policies that lead to job and paychecks.”

Speaker Gingrich said, “Barack Obama appoints people who are very confused about their jobs.  For example his Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said that international organizations supersede congressional approval.  I believe if he believes that he should be fired immediately.  I believe we want a Secretary of Defense of the United States and not a Secretary of Defense of the United Nations.

Presidential Candidate Gingrich said, “Barak Obama appointed a whole series of unconstitutional White House Czars I will sign an executive order to abolish every single one of them.”

Speaker Gingrich said, “It is very important to nominate someone who can take Barack Obama head on in a debate.” “We have to have someone who can articulate the things that are going on in this country.  Barack is going to have a $billion.  The only way we can beat him is to get him in the debates and show that Barack Obama combines being a radical with being incompetent.”  “My goal would be to run an American election.”  Speaker Gingrich said that Republicans need to “appeal to everyone of every background on some very basic issues.”


“Barack Obama believes it is ok to apologize to the people who are killing young Americans.  As commander in chief I will never apologize to terrorists,” Speaker Gingrich said.

Speaker Gingrich said that he and President Obama want to “lead the country down two very different paths and I want to lead us down the path of constitutional self-government.”  “In our system, power comes from God to each one of you personally.  You are sovereign.  You loan power to the government. Government never loans power to you.”  “The Constitution begins ‘we the people’ not we the lawyers, not we the politicians, not we the judges, or we the bureaucrats.”

Speaker Gingrich focused his attacks on President Barack H. Obama but he did comment on his Republican primary opponents as well.  “I like Rick Santorum personally.” “When we had a team Rick Santorum was a good member of the team.  When I left the balanced budgets disappeared, the surplus disappeared, he helped pass Sarbanes-Oxley which was a disaster for the American People, he voted five times to raise the national debt ceiling, and he lost Pennsylvania by the largest margin of any sitting Senator in any state.”  Speaker Gingrich said of Mitt Romney, “I think it is impossible to be the author of Romneycare and plan to debate Barack Obama over Obamacare.”

Gingrich said that when he was in the Congress, “I helped developed winning campaigns at a national level.”  He said that under his leadership they increased the number of Republicans by 9 million, balanced the budget four years in a row, won the first Republican majority in 40 years, reelected the first Republican majority since 1928, cut taxes, reformed welfare, and passed the largest capital gains tax decrease in history, which created 11 million new jobs and brought unemployment down to 4.2%.

Public Service Announcement

Speaker Gingrich said, “The 8.3% unemployment rates that came out yesterday is only 8.3% because so many people have dropped out of the workforce.  It would be 10.8% if we had the same size work force we had when Barack Obama was inaugurated.  The real unemployment rate is 19% when you count the people who are underemployed or who have given up.  Young blacks have 43% unemployment.”

“We have a President who just doesn’t get it,” Speaker Gingrich said.  “He is a genuine left winger.”  Gingrich said that Obama suffers from cognitive dissonance.  “That is when you believe something so strongly that you reject the facts.”  “Barack Obama really wants expensive energy.  His political advisors are telling him high gas prices are hurting him and he would like to get reelected” but he doesn’t do anything to increase domestic energy because of his ideology. “In 2008 his slogan was ‘Yes we can’ in 2012 his slogan is ‘Why we couldn’t.’

Presidential Newt Gingrich again extolled his energy plan:  “I have been campaigning on an American energy plan that will free us from the Middle East.” “He (President Obama) could sign three things tonight that would help lower gas prices.  He could sign approval for Keystone XL pipeline.  That is 700,000 barrels of Canadian oil a day.  He could reopen areas of the Texas and Louisiana Gulf as the Governors have asked him to do and that is 400,000 barrels of oil a day.  Open up more of Alaska: 1.2 million barrels a day.  2.3 million barrels of oil a day 800 million barrels a year and that is just a beginning.”  “He could also open up federal lands, he could open up offshore, and could change the rules to build new refineries.”  Speaker Gingrich said that Barack Obama won’t do any of that. Instead “algae is his solution.”

“The President (Barack Obama) does this whole thing about drilling will not work, then he offers up his idea about algae. Two pages after he tells us drilling will not work he goes off about natural gas.”  Speaker Gingrich said that there has been a revolution in natural gas technology. “We were going to bring liquefied natural gas from the Middle East.”  Ten years ago we had 7 years of supply left. With new exploration and new recovery techniques we have over 125 years of supply and are developing plans to ship liquefied natural gas to China. 600,000 new jobs were created from developing the natural gas. “How does the President think we found the natural gas?”  “On the one hand he is telling us that drilling will not work and then he tells us a story of great success that only occurs because drilling occurred.”  Speaker Gingrich said that our natural gas success proves his case for $2.50 a gasoline.  An 11% increase in supply of natural gas led to a collapse in the price of natural gas.  “$2.50 a gallon is enough incentive to open up offshore or federal lands.”  The price of gas “was 1.13 a gallon when I was speaker.  It was 1.89 when Barack Obama was sworn in.  There is no natural reason why gas price always go up it is supply and demand.”  Increase supply and price will go down.

“North Dakota drilled on private land where Obama can’t stop it.”  “They found 2500% more oil than they thought.” “North Dakota alone doubled the known reserves of the United States.”  North Dakota now has 3.5% unemployment, 16,000 oil field jobs they can not fill, the North Dakota state government has had 7 consecutive tax cuts and they have a multi-million dollar rainy day fund.

Speaker Gingrich said that the guy who developed the North Dakota field estimated that “over the next generation we could generate $16 to $18 trillion in oil royalties” from developing Alaska, federal lands, and off shore to its fullest energy production potential.

Speaker Gingrich said if we could impose discipline on Washington, balance the budget, and put all the royalties into the debt repayment fund and in the lifetime of the younger people in this room we could pay off the entire debt of the federal government.  It would strengthen the dollar, we would run a trade surplus and in one step take care of the Saudis and the Chinese.

“If you watch the news you will see that the Iranians are practicing closing the straits of Hormuz where 1 out of 5 barrels of oil flows.”  “Any effort to close the straits would be an act of war and the end of their government.”  “In the long run we want to be the #1 energy producer in the world, so we can tell the Chinese, the Indians, the Europeans, and the Japanese you have a problem with the Straits of Hormuz you handle it.”

Speaker Gingrich was introduced by his long time friend and Alabama Campaign Chairman State Senator Jabo Waggoner.  Sen. Waggoner said, “If we win Alabama and Mississippi it is a new ballgame.”  “This fall when he is on the stage with Barack Obama, can you imagine that guy standing toe to toe with our guy?  Talk to your friends and family.”  Sen. Waggoner told the gathering of Newt Gingrich supporter to make getting out votes for the Tuesday Primary a priority.

Rep. Jack Williams also spoke. “We are ready for no more years for Barack Obama.”

Saturday Speaker Gingrich received endorsements from B.A.S.S. founder Ray Scott and former Gov. Fob James (R).  His website is claiming that new polls show the former speaker leading in both Alabama and Mississippi.

Candidate for President Newt Gingrich will be back in town Monday for the Republican Party Presidential Forum in the historic Alabama Theater in Birmingham at 5:30.  Senator Rick Santorum will also be there.

For more information about the Newt Gingrich Presidential campaign, visit his website:

Brandon Moseley is a senior reporter with eight and a half years at Alabama Political Reporter. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Facebook. Brandon is a native of Moody, Alabama, a graduate of Auburn University, and a seventh generation Alabamian.



Governor meets with VIP

Brandon Moseley



Gov. Kay Ivey and fourth grade student Cate McGriff. Photo Credit: Governor's office.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey invited a special guest to meet with her in the Governor’s office on Friday.

Fourth grade student Cate McGriff met with Governor Ivey Friday afternoon. The discussion was described as wide-ranging and productive. The governor and McGriff covered everything from school to their love of dogs.

Gov. Ivey asked Miss. McGriff what her favorite subject in school is.

McGriff replied that it was math. She also told the governor that she wanted to attend Auburn University just like Gov. Ivey did.

Ivey asked Cate what she wanted to be when she grows up, after she attends Auburn.

McGriff said that she wanted to be an engineer.


Ivey advised her to keep working hard on her math.

Ivey shared that when she was a young intern for Governor Lurleen Wallace, the only other woman to serve as Governor in Alabama history, she had the opportunity to sit behind the governor’s desk. Ivey then asked Cate if she wanted to sit behind the desk, and they recreated the governor’s own photo behind Governor Wallace’s desk.

Cate and Governor Ivey both were wearing their red power suits and Auburn masks.

McGriff was joined by her parents and two siblings, Claire and Sam.

Public Service Announcement

The McGriff family frequently tune in to the governor’s regular COVID press conferences. Cate also was given the chance to stand behind the lectern in the Old House Chamber.

Governors frequently meet with very important people including: Presidents, CEOs, congressmen, Senators, scientists, University presidents, state legislators, county commissioners, economic developers, and fourth graders.

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CDC issues Halloween guidance

Brandon Moseley



Today is Halloween. Many people are celebrating this year’s holiday at home as a nuclear family due to the coronavirus global pandemic. If you are going to still trick or treat this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued guidance on trick or treating.

“Traditional Halloween activities are fun, but some can increase the risk of getting or spreading COVID-19 or influenza,” the CDC warned. “Plan alternate ways to participate in Halloween.”

To make trick-or-treating safer: avoid direct contact with trick-or-treaters, give out treats outdoors, if possible, set up a station with individually bagged treats for kids to take, wash your hands before handling treats, wear a mask or cloth face covering.

The CDC has also issued guidance on proper mask wearing. Make your cloth mask part of your costume. A costume mask is not a substitute for a cloth mask. Do NOT wear a costume mask over a cloth mask. It can make breathing more difficult. Masks should NOT be worn by children under the age of two or anyone who has trouble breathing.

Remember to always stay at least six feet away from others who do not live with you. Indoors and outdoors, you are more likely to get or spread COVID-19 when you are in close contact with others for a long time.

Don’t let excitement about the holiday distract you from proper COVID-19 procedures. Wash your hands. Bring hand sanitizer with you and use it after touching objects or other people. Use hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol. Parents should supervise young children using hand sanitizer. Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds when you get home and before you eat any treats.


Other suggestions for enjoying Halloween activities during the global COVID-19 pandemic include: decorating and carving pumpkins, decorate your home for Halloween, and you can walk from house to house, admiring Halloween decorations at a distance. You could also visit an orchard, forest, or corn maze. You can also go on an outdoor Halloween-themed scavenger hunt. Visit a pumpkin patch or orchard. Whatever you do or wherever you go be sure to remember to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently, especially after touching frequently touched surfaces, pumpkins, or apples.

The CDC also suggested that you can hide Halloween treats in and around your house and hold a Halloween treat hunt with household members. The CDC suggested that you can hold an outdoor costume parade or contest so everyone can show off their costumes. Another suggestion is that you host an outdoor Halloween movie night with friends or neighbors or an indoor movie night with just your household members.


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Etowah County Republicans rally for Trump

Brandon Moseley



The Etowah County Republican Party and the Trump campaign will be holding a Celebrate America rally and prayer meeting on Sunday in anticipation of Tuesday’s general election.

“We the People plan to peacefully assemble at our town square Tomorrow, November 1st at 2:00 PM to rally around President Trump and pray for our nation, our first responders, and for our President,” organizers said.

Remarks will be made by special guest Congressman Robert Aderholt, R-Haleyville.

Singer songwriters Camille and Haley will perform.

Pastors Mark Gidley, Joey Jones and Bruce Word will be speaking.

“Bring your friends and family as we pray, celebrate and rally for America!” organizers said. “Our outdoor program and rally will be an amazing hour that you will not want to miss! Please mark your calendars and please share.”


Patriotic attire, American flags, and Trump flags are welcome. The event will be in the Rainbow City Town hall parking lot.

Robert Aderholt is in his twelfth term representing Alabama’s Fourth Congressional District. Alabama’s Fourth Congressional District is where Trump had his greatest margin of victory in the entire country in 2016.

President Trump and Congressman Aderholt both face Democratic challengers in Tuesday’s general election.

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Jones says Senate race a choice between “substance and leadership, and nothing”

“One of the great disappointments in this campaign is that Alabama is not really getting choices between substance and substance,” Jones said.

Eddie Burkhalter



Incumbent Sen. Doug Jones speaks at a rally in Anniston. (EDDIE BURKHALTER/APR)

Speaking outside the Calhoun County Democratic Party headquarters in Anniston on Friday, Sen. Doug Jones, D-Alabama, told a group of supporters that Alabamians haven’t gotten a look at what his Republican opponent might do if he wins the Nov. 3 election. 

“One of the great disappointments in this campaign is that Alabama is not really getting choices between substance and substance,” Jones said. “They’re getting a choice between substance and leadership, and nothing — nothing. We have not heard anything from Tommy Tuberville about what he really wants to do.” 

While Jones has held numerous interviews with the media, and regular web briefings over the summer and in recent weeks, Tuberville’s campaign seems to prefer the safety of keeping Tuberville from making possible gaffs or damaging statements in interviews. 

Tuberville hasn’t agreed to interviews with traditional media outlets, or to debate Jones, and instead has focused on conservative talk radio spots, speaking to smaller Republican groups and at private parties.

Tuberville’s campaign has ignored or denied our numerous attempts to interview Tuberville, including another request on Friday. He also declined to attend a student forum held at Auburn University on Wednesday, which Jones attended. The forum was sponsored by the Auburn College Republicans and College Democrats.

“If you ever hear something Tommy Tuberville says, it is just simply this: ‘Build a wall. No amnesty. Drain the swamp.’ That ain’t him. That’s Donald Trump,” Jones said. “He cannot think for himself. He doesn’t think for himself.” 


Jones spoke of his record of working to help veterans through legislation. And he referred to Tuberville’s nonprofit for veterans and reporting that indicates, through tax records, that less than a third of the money raised for Tuberville’s charity went to help veterans. 

“I don’t just create charities and send only pennies on the dollar. I do things for the veterans of this state and this country,” Jones said. 

Jones also made a case for Alabamians to remember the contributions past Democrats made in the state. Jones said it was Democratic Sen. John Sparkman who helped build Alabama’s Redstone Arsenal. 

“It was a Democrat, Lester Hill, who built the rural hospitals around here that Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell and Tommy Tuberville are trying to destroy,” Jones said. “It was Howell Heflin who built up agriculture in this state. Those are the Democrats. It was Franklin Rosevelt that put electricity in this state. We’re going to do the same thing for broadband. People forget those things. They forget those things because we’ve let other people define us with lies.”

Public Service Announcement

Jones plans to visit Jefferson County on Saturday, then on to the Black Belt and Mobile on Sunday with another stop in Birmingham on Monday afternoon. 

“The goal is to get everybody out. That’s the thing if we want to continue to ensure Alabama moves forward — moves forward and not backwards, to continue to have somebody, if I do say so myself, somebody that’s just not going to damn embarrass us,” Jones said.

Supporters of Democratic Sen. Doug Jones rally in Anniston on Oct. 30, 2020. (EDDIE BURKHALTER/APR)

“We’ve had too much of that in Alabama,” Jones said, “and I bet you it won’t be a year that Tommy Tuberville would be an embarrassment to this state because he doesn’t know the issues. He doesn’t know what to do, and he’s dang sure not going to know what to do when Donald Trump is not president of the United States.” 

Jones encouraged supporters to be skeptical of recent polling. One such recent poll, by Auburn University at Montgomery, puts Tuberville ahead of Jones by 12 percentage points, 54 to 42.1. An internal poll by Tuberville’s campaign puts Tuberville ahead by 15 percentage points, while an internal poll from the Jones camp put Jones ahead by one percentage point. 

“Don’t listen to these polling folks that come in, and they don’t know Alabama, and they don’t know what they’re doing. We’re tracking this race, and I can tell you, everything has been moving in our direction the last two months,” Jones said. 

People standing along roadsides holding his signs and showing support, Jones said, is “the energy we’ve got out there. That’s what you can’t poll.”

Ellen Bass of Anniston, standing outside the Calhoun County Democratic Party headquarters just after Jones spoke, told APR that she has numerous Republican friends who are voting for Jones.

“My hat’s off to them because they’re coming out,” Bass said. “They recognize that he is a better candidate.”

Ciara Smith, 21, newly elected to the Anniston City Council, told APR outside the headquarters building that Jones is the better candidate.

“I think that he’s educated. I think that he speaks with passion and heart,” Smith said. “And he knows what he’s talking about, which is important, and which is more than we can say about the other candidate.”

Speaking to APR after his speech to supporters, Jones said that he feels very good about the state of his campaign.

“Everything we’re seeing is moving in our direction,” Jones said. “And the more he stays hidden, the better it is for us.”

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