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Armistead Editorial: Alabama Politics Is No Joke

The Alabama Democrat Party wants to turn Alabama political dialogue into a joke. How can one tell? The Democrats in Alabama chose to embrace, at a March 17th event, entertainer Bill Maher. Not a pioneering political leader. Not a renowned economic theorist. Not a business leader. Not one who could educate Democrats on reasonable measures for directing our state. No, not any of these. The comedian they chose to associate with their Chairman’s reception is the caustically inappropriate Bill Maher.

Bill Maher is the last person with whom Alabamians can identify. If you’re in doubt, note Maher’s recent $1 million donation to the so-called “Obama Super PAC” which supports the re-election of President Obama. The traditional values of Alabamians do not align with the policies of the Obama administration and certainly not with Bill Maher. Even the Democrats have become reluctant to publicize Maher’s appearance at the Democrat event in Huntsville.

Once we learned of Bill Maher’s participation in this event, we called upon Democrat Chairman Mark Kennedy to disassociate his Party from the trash-talking comedian out of respect to the great and decent people of Alabama.  Apparently, Alabama Democrats are not as proud of their guest as they once were as they have removed the event from their web site.  But, there is no evidence that they have cancelled the event.

So why is Chairman Mark Kennedy insisting on associating with this crude entertainer?

Bill Maher embodies the hypocrisy that many far-left politicians have adopted. Bill Maher hates oppression. He hates intolerance. So he says. Yet Bill Maher practices negative speech that requires the same cognitive impulse as an intolerant person. For example, Maher repeatedly and fallaciously attacked the Tea Party by insinuating supporters were racist, sexist, and stupid while often using crude derogatory remarks when referring to them. Maher has criticized the Tea Party by making false accusations against them that are not remotely associated with their position. Maher’s hate-filled attacks reduce the integrity of civil discourse.

But perhaps you’re not a Tea Party supporter, so you’re not affected by Maher’s remarks on the Tea Party. But you are a hard-working Alabamian who promotes family values and attending church services every week. Well, Maher hasn’t forgotten to offend you either. Maher has said everything from “I think religion is a neurological disorder,” to “I think religion stops people from thinking,” to insinuating that religion condones “slavery … and the systematic [exploitation] of children.”

Indeed, Maher’s chief priority of late has been the systematic spread of disdain towards anyone who practices religion. In case you’re unaware of his stance, you can view it in Maher’s film “Religulous.”

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If you go to church, Bill Maher thinks you’re crazy and stupid. He conveniently forgets or disregards the fact that our nation was founded on the principle of protecting religious freedom. He exploits the right of free speech to mock the very policy that allows him to have free speech with which to verbally bludgeon churchgoers. He commits his own intolerance by criticizing those whose views differ from his by spewing venom toward those who have deeply-held religious beliefs.

If you’re still not convinced that embracing Bill Maher is absurd, consider Maher’s stance on terrorists. Maher said, “We have been the cowards lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That’s cowardly. Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, it’s not cowardly.”

Excuse us, Mr. Maher, but are you insinuating that maliciously murdering thousands of innocent civilians is brave? The fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, and children of those victims would assuredly disagree as well as all Alabamians. Yet the Alabama Democrat Party and Barack Obama seem to think Mr. Maher, with his brand of “humor,” is worth embracing.

Is Bill Maher the type of person who should be participating in Alabama’s political dialogue? Is this the type of person you want influencing the officials who vote on policies that affect you?

In America, we have a great freedom:  the freedom of speech.  That allows Bill Maher to make these absurd comments. Alabama Democrats are free to make their choice and embrace Obama and Maher.  And, in November, we have the treasured freedom to vote and elect our leaders.  I am confident that Alabamians will reject President Obama, Bill Maher and the Alabama Democrat Party, as they do not represent the values and views of most Alabamians.

Bill Armistead, former state Senator from Columbiana, is the Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party.

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