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Proposed Changes to Illegal Immigration Law Introduced

Revisions make the law more enforceable, less burdensome

From the Office of Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard

MONTGOMERY – A bill proposing revisions to Alabama’s law cracking down on illegal immigration was introduced today in the Alabama House of Representatives.

House Bill 658, sponsored by Rep. Micky Hammon (R-Decatur), is aimed to maintain the strength of Alabama’s illegal immigration law, while making the law more workable for local governments, more enforceable for state and local police, and less burdensome for law-abiding citizens and businesses.

“The federal government has failed to enforce its laws against illegal immigration, so Alabama and several other states have taken action to crack down on this problem,” Rep. Hammon said. “The law we passed last year was strong, but as with most laws, it can be made better. We’ve worked for the last several months to see how we could make our law better, and I’m pleased with what we were able to produce. It keeps and strengthens penalties to ensure those living and working in Alabama are here legally.”

The bill has been assigned to the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee and could be debated in the full House within the next few weeks. House Speaker Mike Hubbard said he is confident the bill will be received favorably because adjusting laws to make them better is a common function of the Legislature.

“We examine existing laws every year to look for ways to make them better, and the illegal immigration law is no different,” Speaker Hubbard said. “Some activist groups don’t have a problem with illegal immigration and will only be happy if the law is repealed. That’s not going to happen. What we have is a bill that sharpens tools for law enforcement to more effectively crack down on lawbreakers, offers clarity to state and local agencies in their everyday dealings with the law, and ensures law-abiding residents and businesses aren’t subjected to unnecessary red tape.

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“I can’t say enough about Rep. Micky Hammon and his leadership on this issue. He has worked for years to give Alabama the tools to crack down on illegal immigration, and I’m confident this proposal will further enhance those tools.”

The bill and a fact sheet explaining how it changes current law are attached.

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