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Senate Pay Raises

Staff Report

Letters Returned Not Accepting Raise

Senators Gerald Allen ($47,496/$3,958), Billy Beasley ($49,296/$4,108), J.S. Beason ($49,296/$4,108), Dick Brewbaker ($27,360/$2,280), Benjamin H. Brooks, III ($27,360/$2,280), Paul Bussman ($49,296/$4,108), Vivian Davis Figures ($47,496/$3,958), Jimmy W. Holley ($40,368/$3,364), Bill Holtzclaw ($49,296/$4,108), Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey ($67,296/$5,608), President Pro Tem Del Marsh ($27,360/$2,280), Senators Arthur W. Orr ($43,428/$3,619), Bryan Taylor ($27,360/$2,280), James T. Waggoner, Jr. ($47,496/$3,958), Cam Ward ($47,496/$3,958) and Phil Williams ($40,800/$3,400).

Letters Returned Not Accepting Raise Since Our Last Report

Slade Blackwell ($41,904/$3,492), Gerald Dial ($49,296/$4,108), Priscilla Dunn ($50,088/$4,174), Benjamin N. Glover, III ($49,296/$4,108), Tammy Irons ($49,296/$4,108), Shadrack McGill ($49,296/$4,108), Trip Pittman ($51,096/$4,258), Greg Reed ($49,296/$4,108), Paul Sanford ($49,296/$4,108), Clay Scofield ($49,296/$4,108),  and Tom Whatley ($49,296/$4,108).

Letter Returned Accepting the Raise

Senators Linda F. Coleman ($50,904/$4,242), and Rodger M. Smitherman ($51,696/$4,308).

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Letter Returned Accepting Raise That Have Since Been Declined

Harri Anne H. Smith ($50,904/$4,242).

Letters That Have Not Been Returned Resulting in Accepting the Raise

Senators Roger H. Bedford, Jr. ($50,088/$4,174), Jerry Fielding ($49,296/$4,108), Marc Keahey ($48,288/$4,024), Quinton T. Ross , Jr. ($48,288/$4,024), Henry Sanders ($50,088/$4,174), and Bobby E. Singleton ($50,088/$4,174).

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