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Web Cam Abortions Should Not Be Allowed in Alabama

Dear Editor,

“The FDA reports that 14 American women have died during RU 486 abortions and there were over 2,200 adverse incidents for women through use of this drug.”

People do not understand RU486 abortions. They mistakenly believe that women who have chemical abortions pop a pill and, magically, they are no longer pregnant. The FDA protocol for use of this two-drug regime is three to four visits to a doctor with close supervision, said Cheryl Ciamarra, Alabama Citizens for Life Legislative Director. “With the advent of web cam abortions, now taking place at Planned Parenthood clinics in several states, instead of this close supervision, women discuss their abortion over a web cam without a physical exam by a doctor.”

Interesting the manufacturer of RU486 is Russell Ulcloft, the same manufacturer of the chemical used by the Nazi’s in the gas chambers during the Holocaust.

The fact that Alabama does NOT even have Hospital Admitting privileges as a minimum requirement for abortionists makes it even more dangerous should this come to Alabama. Alabama can pass a ban on this substandard procedure this session to protect women by passing SB96.

Alabama should also pass HB223 to require not just one doctor with hospital admitting privileges “contract in the drawer”, but every abortion provider to have local hospital admitting privileges for the follow up needed from botched abortions.

Current Alabama Vital Statistics do not collect data on the number of chemical verse surgical abortions, however by 2013 that data will begin to be collected due to passage of legislation last year improving reporting of abortion related statistics.

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Attorney Eric Johnston, president of the Alabama Pro-Life Coalition, says the new law “violates the basic tenets of legal procedures in this country.”


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