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Reader disgusted over Wheeler property

Dear Editor,

I just read this article about the Wheeler property in north Alabama and I am disgusted.

The Alabama Historical Commission is grossly incompetent and should be abolished. Their duties could be better served by the Conservation Department and the Archives and History. If the AHC will not open General Wheeler’s home to the general public, then the property should be given to the Sons of Confederate Veterans. They can operate it and man it with volunteers as they do at Beauvoir  in Biloxi Miss. Wheeler was open to the public when it was given to the state in the late 90’s and has never been open to the public since. They have spent over ten million dollars of public money for absolutely no results. The AHC is poor mouthing again as they always do and punishing the public in order to extort more money from us. When is enough, enough? Please get rid of these people.

Article from Decatur Daily.,94694


Steve Phillips

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