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Republican Party Chairman endorses Roy Moore

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

BIRMINGHAM-Former Chief Justice Roy Moore (R) from Gallant held a joint press conference with Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead at the Alabama Republican Party Headquarters in Homewood on Wednesday.  Chief Justice Roy Moore is running for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.  Moore was previously elected Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2002.  Chief Justice Moore defeated incumbent Chief Justice Chuck Malone and Mobile County Presiding Judge Charlie Graddick in the Republican Primary on March 13th.  Moore told the group of press, supporters, and Republican Party officials: “I pledge to do the best I can for the people of Alabama.”

Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead said, “We are confident that we are going to have victory in November.”  Chairman Armistead said that he had heard rumors that the Democrats are unhappy with their candidate for Chief Justice and are trying to replace their candidate.  Chairman Armistead said that Chief Justice Moore has “Done a stellar job in every office that he has held.”  “I am going to be behind our nominees from the top to the bottom of this ticket.”

Chief Justice Moore said that he had just finished the primary in a hotly contested race and won it without a runoff.  “I pledge to do the best that I can for the people of Alabama.  That is what the Republican Party is all about.”  Moore said that it was good to see the Republican Party finally come down to county politics.  “Sticking to principle will keep the Republican Party alive and well in the future.”

Chief Justice Moore talked at length about the budget problems that are plaguing Alabama’s court system.  “We can resolve these budget problems.”  Moore said, “The Judicial branch is a branch of government not an agency.” Chief Justice Moore said that he going to go to the Alabama Legislature to talk with them about the budget.  “I have always had a good rapport with the legislative branch and the Governors.”  Chief Justice Moore said that the Alabama Court System just receives 1.6% of the entire state budget.  That is just 6% of the Alabama General Fund.

The former Chief Justice said, “The (Alabama) Constitution does guarantee that the judicial branch will have an acceptable budget.  Ultimately the power is in the people of Alabama.”  “When the people wakeup they will change the problem.”  Moore said, “The people are becoming aware of the problem.”

‘The Alabama Political Reporter’ asked Moore if the state should raise court costs, fines, and fees to levels high enough that the courts become revenue generators for the state.  The Chief Justice said that the Court System can do a better job of collecting unpaid fines and fees; but that he did not want to raise costs so high that the people of Alabama could not afford to pay them.

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Chief Justice Roy Moore said that it is important that the courts go by constitutional law.  “We don’t make laws we interpret laws.”  “We are a party of small limited government with individual rights and responsibilities.” “It is always about principles.  That is where those rights come from.  God gives those rights.  We have got to recognize his sovereignty.”  “Justice is for all the people.  We are all made in the image of God.”

Chief Justice Moore said, “We have got a great state.  I think we have the greatest state.  We have great leadership in this state and in this party.”  Roy Moore thanked his campaign manager Rich Hobson for doing a great job as campaign manager and he thanked Bill Armistead and the GOP staff and he thanked the people of Alabama for giving him another chance to be their Chief Justice.

Chairman Armistead said in a written statement, “Alabama voters sent a strong message in the March 13 primary that they want Roy Moore as their Chief Justice again.  The Republican Party stands firmly behind Roy Moore to serve as the next Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.”  “Judge Moore is a man of honor, courage, and incredible moral strength.  His conservative values, record in the courtroom and years of service to our state and to our country speak volumes about his character and conviction.  Judge Moore embodies the conservative values and beliefs of the citizens of the state and the Republican Party in Alabama stands behind him 100%.  We are committed to do all that we can to ensure victory for Judge Moore and the Republican Party in November.”

Chief Justice Roy Moore ran unsuccessfully for the Republican Party nomination for Governor in 2006 and 2010 after he was removed by a panel of Alabama judges who believed that Chief Justice Moore was wrong to refuse an order by a federal judge to remove a Ten Commandments display that the Chief Justice had placed in the Alabama Supreme Court building.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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