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Vernon Burns: The drowning man of the welfare state

Vernon Burnes



Will the odorous corpse of the welfare state be kept on life support even as it destroys the charter of our people and the future of our children? 

This is the most significant question to ever face our state, our nation, and our society. Now is the time, NO!!, now is decades past the time, for everyone to face the hard facts that socialism will not and can not work. Without question we are now reaping the bitter fruits of The New Deal, The Great Society, and every other great sounding (well meaning?) vote buying welfare program used to keep the elite political class in power.

These stark facts were driven home, one more time, by Alabama’s health officer Dr. Donald Williamson, in an article that appeared in this publication on Wednesday May 2, 2012, titled “Governor Bentley Demands That Legislature Raid Education Reserve Fund To Fund Alabama Medicaid.” Dr. Williamson said that medicaid pays the delivery cost of 51% of the babies that are born in Alabama, . That 42% of Alabama children are insured by Medicaid and two-thirds of the nursing home bills in Alabama are paid by Medicaid. 

Before we discuss the three revelations, by Dr Williamson, we need to more closely examine what Medicaid truly is. The book definition for Medicaid is a means-tested state/federal program that provides health care to low-income and disabled individuals. Each state administers its own program, inside federally imposed guidelines, and decides how much to spend. Sounds good and compassionate right?

With the federal government providing up to 75% of Medicaid funding in poorer states and a minimum of 50% to even the most wealthy states the incentive has always been to grow the program, to expand eligibility and include the middle class as much as possible. In a poor state, such as ours, getting up to three dollars from the federal government for each dollar our state taxes provide is a politicians dream for expanding his voter base. 

All coins have two sides, both are not heads, the opposite side of this socialist contrivance reads as follows: 

The Upside is to spend one dollar in state taxes and get three dollars from federal tax and/or borrowed monies.

The Downside is to cut spending one dollar and lose three dollars in federal subsidies, which is a total cut to the welfare voting base of four dollars. Results: While politicians enjoy multiplying their appearance of generosity with other peoples money, it is far beyond their self interest to ever, tell the truth, and cut spending. Now multiply that four dollars that must be cut by the thousands of millions that are being spent, in our state, and across the United States, and we have a nation destroying monster. 

This addiction was added to the other sugar coated entitlement pills the American people are hooked on when then President Lyndon Johnson outlined the program in 1964, as part of his “Great Society” and his “War on Poverty.” 

Unlike the other two giants in the narcotic entitlement brew, Medicaid does not even have the fig leaf cover of the small contributions (in comparison to the life time payout) that average people make to their Social Security and Medicare entitlements. Medicaid is pure welfare. As it has forced out private insurance, Medicaid has grown to be the largest, non education item in all state budgets. Thank you progressive socialists, thank you President Johnson. 


Medicaid is so interwoven into our society it is impossible to determine its real impact. The thousands of millions of dollars that flow from federal and state government weaken the individuals and families, that receive this encouragement to avoid personal responsibility in a direct way. But this cancer has not stopped there. 

Those entitlement monies, after robbing individuals and families of a sense of purpose and self worth move out into the general economy. There they distort the entire system, by pumping money into the economy that was not earned by productive work. Following this and all other entitlement monies through the system you will find we have a huge and growing percentage of our population directly or indirectly working for, or just supported by government. We have a distorted economic system now operating mostly on borrowed or just printed money. 

Now we can address the three startling revelations in our states health officers statements about Medicaid.

The first, per Dr. Williamson, for 51% of the babies born in Alabama the hospital and delivery cost is paid by Medicaid (Welfare). This is unbelievable!! Stop and think a moment. Over half the babies born in this state are born on Welfare. What a future. I didn’t know that pregnancy was an air-borne communicable disease. What causes this strange condition? Take some responsibility. Do not bring a life into this world that you can not or will not love, cherish, and take full responsibility for. As human beings, not simple animals, we have been given the intelligence to control our own reproduction. I personally hate and detest the taking of an unborn human life through abortion. This is morally unacceptable in my world. But we are charged by God and civilization, with controlling ourselves or personally facing the results. Birth control, abstinence or loving your child it’s your choice and no one else’s.   

Remember it always takes two, so all I say is for both mother and father. I do not know what percentage of these welfare babies are born outside of wedlock or with no fathers name on the birth certificate. I do know it’s very, very high. To the male animals, that desert their children, you are not men, you are not even boys, you are no better than mongrel dogs. 

The shocking fact of over half of the babies, in Alabama, being born on welfare is an absolute and unavoidable result of the socialist welfare state attempting to replace the family unit in its role as the basic building block of civilization. 

The next fact, that 42% of the children in the state are insured by Medicaid, is just a continuation of the disgusting story outlined in the first statistic about welfare births being the majority in our once proud and independent state.We have no shame. Laking any sense of parental obligation and no conscience regarding the hardships caused by this cowardice, the family unit, in a greater and greater part, is completely breaking down. The welfare state solution is to throw more money at the problem. After nearly 50 years and a national debt nearing sixteen trillion dollars we have not done nearly enough. 

One progressive chant is to pour more money into education. But school systems that are forbidden from making value judgements, or teaching morality, but do teach socialism, they are one of our dire problems. Bad school systems can override even what good parents try to instill in their children. 

Now for Dr. Williamson’s revelation number three. The worst is the last. Think about two-thirds of all the nursing home bills, in Alabama being paid by Medicaid.(Welfare). How many of these older citizens worked hard, almost from childhood, to provide for themselves and their families? How many, before their pride was taken, would have ever gone on welfare? In how many cases have the assets of these elders been maneuvered out of their name and ownership in a scheme to make them wards of the welfare state? These type of manipulations, done legally or outside the law, all come from minds that are morally and ethically bankrupt. 

What is hard to understand about “Thou shall not steal.?” It is almost as basic as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” My friends, stealing is stealing, and this  is grand theft on a grand scale. Theft of this insidious kind is one of the most evil and wrong of the many snares, set by the welfare state to entice good people to depend on government even above right and wrong. 

Each person has the moral and ethical duty to provide arrangements for his/her own self and that of all his or her off springs. The well being, to include food, shelter, healthcare, education, and the basic necessities of life is an individual and family obligation, not societies. We have a moral duty to provide and care for our parents, and extended family just as we have that duty to our children. Thus is the very foundation of our Judeo-Christian nation and before that it is the very root of civilized society for the past ten thousand years. 

We must help ourselves, our families and those who can not help themselves. We can not, and have no duty to help those who will not help themselves for they, like a drowning man, will and are pulling us down with them.   


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Opinion | COVID-19: Living in a state of alert

We will resort to our survival mode and exhibit moods and behaviors that are very much like those of individuals who have experienced trauma such as battle or extreme loss.

Lynn Beshear




Borrowing a phrase from a recent communication by the National Council for Behavioral Health: as a result of COVID-19 everyone is living in a state of alert.” The effect of that on human beings is that we will resort to our survival mode and exhibit moods and behaviors that are very much like those of individuals who have experienced trauma such as battle or extreme loss.

Indeed, individuals on the Gulf coast and the west coast have experienced recent extreme losses of property, lives and livelihood due to Hurricane Sally and rampant fires, further compounding the impact on them of the COVID pandemic. In short, many in our state and country are in the midst of a mental health crisis. This is not a personality defect or sign of weakness. It does not just affect one type of person. We all can experience mental and emotional health issues.

So, what can we do? First, recognize that everyone is having these experiences to some degree. What we have learned about a major crisis is there are predictable emotional highs and lows as our state, country and the world move through the six stages of a disaster: pre-disaster, impact, heroic, honeymoon, disillusionment and reconstruction. If there is any good news about this situation it is that critical conversations are taking place in homes and workplaces. Individuals from all walks of life feel freer to share their feelings and fears, to listen to each other and to act decisively.

On the other hand, we know millions of Americans and Alabamians are suffering tremendously. According to a June 2020 Centers for Disease Control poll, forty percent of adults reported struggling with mental health or substance use issues since March. For frontline healthcare workers and first responders, the impact of COVID-19 and the resulting increasedcritical care workload, is immense. Providing those levels of care has led to stress, anxiety, fear, substance use, suicidal thoughts and other mental health issues that for many individuals has resulted in a state of PTSD. This is true for individuals and families, regardless of direct care-giving involvement.

How can we improve mental health for ourselves, our family, coworkers and friends?

First, start the conversation. Everyone needs to feel they are “seen” and fully informed of options. Don’t hide your own feelings or genuine concern for those of others. Look for common experiences, while sharing useful and accurate information. In the work environment, a buddy system could be a vital strategy to ensure that no one is further isolated.

Warmlines, such as Wings Across Alabama’s phone line [1-844-999-4647] are there for anyone to call. Peer support is offered through dozens of organizations by trained peer specialists who have been successful in recovery. They help others to stay engaged in the recovery process and reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Alabama’s nineteen local mental health authorities and other mental health related organizations around the state offer direct services. Providers have implemented innovative ways to serve individuals through telehealth therapy, virtual group meetings, and drive-throughs for medication or information.

What can we do today is to turn our worries into action? Do not wait to seek help or help someone else. Create a mental health safety plan for yourself or family and friends about whom you may be concerned. Take breaks from social media but stayhealthily connected with friends and family.

To further expand accessibility to care, Alabama is transforming the approach to prevention and early intervention regarding mental health. From initiatives like the First Episode Psychosis program, the School-Based Mental Health Collaborative and ourIndividual Placement and Support-Supported Employmentprogram, to the Stepping Up Initiative’s goal to reduce the number of individuals with mental illness in jails, the Alabama Department of Mental Health is creating preventive and restorative programs for recovery.


Remember that behavioral health is essential health. Prevention works. Treatment is effective, And, people can and do recover from mental and/or substance use disorders. Most of all, we must be kind to each other; it is good for our own mental health.

To find resources and assistance for mental health services visit:

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Opinion | Air superiority then, space superiority now: the Battle of Britain 80 years hence

The United States and her friends cannot allow a country that is utterly opposed to freedom to control space.

Will Sellers




Eighty years ago this week, hurricane season ended when the Royal Air Force won the Battle of Britain by stopping the Nazi war machine at the edge of the English Channel.  Before the summer of 1940, Hitler had derided Great Britain as a nation of shopkeepers. Göring’s seemingly superior Luftwaffe pilots were outdone by the young British RAF, aided by friendly forces—not the least of which was a squadron of Polish pilots. They had shown the world that the Nazi juggernaut could be countered through perseverance, aided by the novel design of quick and lethal airplanes: the spitfire and hurricane.

Churchill named this battle when he declared after Dunkirk that with the conclusion of the Battle of France, the Battle of Britain would begin. Unlike past battles, the critical objective was as amorphous as it was strategic: the achievement of air superiority. It was a testament to the fact that warfare had changed forever, tilting the scales in favor of technology over brute strength.

Even Hitler and his retinue of yes-men knew that subjugating Britain would require a risky and complex invasion. The English Channel, though relatively narrow at some points, served as a giant moat that required amphibious landings on slow-moving vessels, which would be vulnerable to attack from above. Nazi control of the air would be the key to a successful invasion. With proper preparations for a seaborne invasion many months out, Göring pushed for an air campaign, and Hitler approved.

The Luftwaffe’s first objective was to destroy RAF airfields, but Luftwaffe planes were not designed for this mission, and their pilots—though experienced—were no match for the RAF’s pilots in spitfires and hurricanes. These planes had unmatched maneuverability, and home-field advantage played an equally important role. The British had a superior early warning radar system that enabled them to plot the likely flight path of incoming enemies and to scramble their gassed and fully loaded planes efficiently. Over Britain, each downed German represented not only a lost airplane but also a lost pilot. Maintaining air superiority was a fight for survival, and the British pilots knew that the fate of freedom for their island, and perhaps for civilization, rested on their shoulders. They turned the tide of the war in fighting, as Churchill noted, “undaunted by the odds, unwearied in their constant challenge and mortal danger.”

While the concept of air superiority was initially academic, the Battle of Britain proved it critical to modern military success. Since then, the need for air superiority has remained unquestioned. A country might not win with air superiority, but failure was guaranteed without it. The use of airpower to master the skies has been the first order of business in every major conflict since World War II. Even today, with the development of defensive missile shields and the capability of intercepting incoming aircraft and missiles, air superiority is and will remain a critical objective in any conflict. But air superiority is starting to give way to space superiority.

As we become more and more dependent on satellites, and as human activity in space becomes less of a novelty, controlling space will be critical not only for commercial and economic success, but also for global stability and the defense of our nation. The nation that controls space will control the destiny of the entire world. To be dominant in space is to be dominant period, and the dominating nation will have the final say over many aspects of our lives.

Those who would object to the militarization of space do not understand, or refuse to see, today’s reality. The activities of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in space are similar to those of the nations who sought to control the sea in the 19th century and the air in the 20th century. At present, these activities are largely unchecked by other nations and international organizations.

There was a time when the United Nations was capable of limiting space to peaceful means. Similar to the control of nuclear weapons, the United Nations provided a means of achieving an international consensus that limiting weapons in space was beneficial for all nations. But, as with any large organization attempting to achieve consensus among diverse groups, the only real agreement among nations became the lowest common denominator. Thus, UN limits on the militarization of space are limited, weak, and ineffective.

This void of international leadership is being filled by a resurgent Communist China, intent on achieving world domination—a long-term national goal. With few international limitations, the CCP is seeking space superiority to impose its ideas on the world and thereby supplant civilization’s shared liberal principles. The UN has been aggressively helpless or simply unable to check China’s dreams of space superiority. While the CCP has yet to obtain the domination it seeks, it is clearly on track with covert military missions, like developing its own GPS system that would aid in obtaining space superiority.

The United States cannot let this happen. Students of history know that many of the great and terrible military conflicts could have been prevented or mitigated with proper foresight and preparation. Unless the United States acts soon to check CCP aggression in space, we may have extremely limited choices in the future.


Our new Space Force must explain the seriousness of this threat and develop strategic plans to protect space from the domination of any one country. This grand effort will require allies who not only understand the threat, but who are financially able to join with the United States to dominate space for peaceful purposes. The free world’s shared cultural and civic traditions could form the basis for ensuring that space can never be dominated by one country.

During World War I and in the following decades, Churchill stressed the importance of developing radar, the tank, and the airplane. Without these developments, the Battle of Britain would have ended much differently. As we celebrate the 80th anniversary of victory at the Battle of Britain, and as we understand the strategic necessity of air superiority in protecting the island nation from foreign invasion, we should recognize the strategic necessity of space superiority today.

The United States and her friends cannot allow a country that is utterly opposed to freedom to control space and, in turn, Earth. The free world must develop space first and create enforceable laws to allow space to be an extension of the liberty we currently enjoy. In order to do that, we must overhaul our outdated legal regime concerning the development and deployment of space technologies, support the private development of space properly, and remove the bureaucratic barriers hindering important breakthroughs. We must not surrender space to totalitarians who would use it to subjugate free peoples around the globe. If we heed the call to action and engage in this new endeavor, we can ensure that the limitless possibilities of space are secured for future generations.

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Opinion | Changing lanes on the Alabama Workforce Superhighway

As we come out of the pandemic we have a new view of the world and with our innovative hats on, we now look at workforce issues through a new and different lens.

Ed Castile




Hello friends and welcome back to the Alabama Workforce Superhighway! Our last stop was the AlabamaWorks Virtual Workforce Conference in September. The conference gave us a lot to think about on the drive ahead. It was great to be among workforce professionals again to share and discuss where we are as a state and, just from a mental perspective, I needed it!

We have so many opportunities staring us in the face that we did not have pre-COVID. The work we have all been doing is more important now than ever before. Did our previous challenges go away due to COVID? Absolutely not!

Our workforce issues may have been “timed out,” or perhaps they were on a break, but those issues continue to be our challenges. So, not only should we remain focused on our Success Plus goal of adding 500,000 workers in our workforce with credentials of value by 2025, we must also help our companies get back to work and work with their current and future employees.

We need to make sure they are technically ready for the impending automated world and assist them with all the tech-savvy tools that are being developed as part of Industry 4.0 and the ever developing “Smart Factory” concepts.

Alabama is rapidly moving in this direction, and we must have the workforce to meet the demands. This is one of the foundations for Gov. Kay Ivey’s Success Plus plan. In almost every speech and presentation Ivey delivers, she mentions how absolutely critical our workforce is and that they must be ready for the work we are recruiting into Alabama.

To say 2020 has been strange, would be a colossal understatement and it keeps on giving! 2020 started as a typical year when many were planning and working with high hopes for a productive legislative session, school year or university semester, or simply hoping for a beautiful spring. Little did we know COVID-19 would turn us all inside out and literally stop the world in its tracks.

But, not in Alabama. Yes, it was a kick in the gut and our hearts go out to the many who have suffered or lost loved ones due to the pandemic. But as Alabama usually does, we are fighting back. With good solid leadership by Ivey, an extraordinary Governor’s Office staff, a host of very smart cabinet officers and their respective department staffs, and most importantly, some very focused business leaders making good and sound business decisions, we are leading the nation in many aspects of our recovery.

In addition, as we come out of the pandemic we have a new view of the world and with our innovative hats on, we now look at workforce issues through a new and different lens. Yes, the drivers on the Alabama Workforce Superhighway are focused and determined with many great examples of courageous initiatives to assist our customers, overcome the issues and not only get back to pre-COVID productivity, but be even stronger.

So, what new opportunities has 2020 brought us when it comes to our workforce? Although the pandemic has brought many challenges it has also given us access to many people we did not have access to before. Who are these people? There are thousands who lost jobs that were vulnerable to the pandemic. Retail employees, hospitality and restaurant workers who in some cases were working two and three jobs to make ends meet, now have an opportunity to be trained for a less vulnerable job. Alabama has many jobs available as the world wakes back up. We NEED these people and our Alabama Workforce Stabilization Program is laser focused on these folks.

In the recent AlabamaWorks Virtual Workforce Conference we discussed the need for flexibility in order to adapt to change. To be successful in this “new normal” we must prepare our workforce by:

  • Creating new digital models for education and training
  • Upskilling (expand capabilities)
  • Re-skilling (acquire a new or improved skill)
  • Strengthening and enforcing safety measures
  • Reinforcing partnerships and pooling resources
  • Focusing on higher wage jobs

Yes, the world has changed, but we in Alabama were already moving in the right direction.

There are many people to thank for our progress and to name just a few: Governor Ivey and her staff set us on a course to meet those needs with the “Strong Start, Strong Finish” education initiative and gave us a strategy for success through the Success Plus plan. Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth, his staff and the Senate Leadership are very engaged as is the House Leadership with Speaker Mac McCutcheon, budget chairs and other many strong Representatives and Senators across the state. They get it!

Yes, we got this! But, we are nowhere near done and as you already know this work can never stop. To borrow some words from a great song, “we can check out anytime, but we can never leave.” We can want to exit the highway, but we can never stop our drive on the Alabama Workforce Superhighway!

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Opinion | Former Sen. Brewbaker supports Montgomery tax referendum 

If we want Montgomery to change for the better, we are all going to have to start living in our community rather than off of it.

Dick L. Brewbaker




I am in full support of the property tax referendum on the ballot this November. That may surprise some people because I have been critical of the performance of the Montgomery County Public School System in the past.

Until recently, student performance has generally been poor, financial management has been historically problematic, and there have been real and persistent problems with transparency. New Board leadership has worked hard to address these issues in a real way, but there is still work to be done.

However, whether we are talking about cars or public education, there is such a thing as trying to buy too cheap. Montgomery has been paying the legal minimum in property tax support for decades. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone that our schools’ quality reflects our financial commitment to them.

Yes, it’s true that more money isn’t always the answer, but it’s also true that money is part of the answer. Sometimes the bare minimum isn’t enough, and this is one of those times.

Most people who vote on this referendum will not have children currently attending MPS. If you are one of those people, vote yes anyway.

Our public school population is declining because many young couples with children are leaving our city because they know their children can get a better education elsewhere.

This loss of young parents will eventually kill this city. We have got to turn the schools around before Montgomery’s tax base is eroded beyond repair. Whether you have kids in the system or not, if you care about your local tax burden or the value of your property, it’s time to vote ‘yes.’

Need another reason to vote yes? Ok, here’s one:  Montgomery will eventually lose both our USAF bases if we don’t show the Air Force we are serious about improving our failing schools. Already less than half of the airmen stationed in Montgomery bring their families with them.

Many military families view MPS as so low quality that they won’t subject their children to them. If we don’t fix our schools, sooner or later we will lose Maxwell and Gunter. If you don’t believe that would be an economic nightmare for our city, ask around.

At the end of the day, passing this referendum is not only a vote to help children succeed, but also a vote to save the city in which we all live. It’s ok to be hopeful, it’s ok to be optimistic even about the future of Montgomery and its schools.


If we want Montgomery to change for the better, we are all going to have to start living in our community rather than off of it.

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