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Armistead Congratulates Scott Walker

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Tuesday night, Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead released a written statement concerning Governor Scott Walker’s (R) from Wisconsin victory in the recall election.

Chairman Armistead said, “Once again, Democrats in Wisconsin have been confounded in their efforts to stop Governor Walker and his fellow Republicans from reforming their state government for the better. Governor Walker’s reforms balanced their budget, put people back to work, and got government back on the side of the people. Wisconsin voters have given their stamp of approval to these common-sense reforms.”

Chairman Armistead continued, “I offer my congratulations to Governor Walker. Not just for tonight’s resounding victory, but also for having the courage over the last several months to stand strong and do what he knew was right for his constituents, despite the relentless assaults from the left. Obama’s surrogates have admitted that this recall election in Wisconsin was a dry-run for the November presidential election. Tonight’s results indicate disaster for President Obama in this important swing-state.”

The apparent Republican nominee for President, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney also congratulated Gov. Walker on the surprisingly easy victory.  Gov. Romney said, “I congratulate Scott Walker on his victory in Wisconsin. Governor Walker has demonstrated over the past year what sound fiscal policies can do to turn an economy around, and I believe that in November voters across the country will demonstrate that they want the same in Washington, D.C. Tonight’s results will echo beyond the borders of Wisconsin. Governor Walker has shown that citizens and taxpayers can fight back – and prevail – against the runaway government costs imposed by labor bosses. Tonight voters said ‘no’ to the tired, liberal ideas of yesterday, and ‘yes’ to fiscal responsibility and a new direction. I look forward to working with Governor Walker to help build a better, brighter future for all Americans.”

Exit polling data had showed an extremely close race.  Those polls were woefully inaccurate as Gov. Walker crushed Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett by a margin of 54 to 46%.  The same exit polling showed Barack Obama beating Mitt Romney in November by 9 percentage points.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz released a statement following the crushing loss for the Democrats and their big labor allies.  Chairwoman Schultz wrote, “Despite the disappointing outcome of tonight’s election, there is no question that over the past year this recall effort sent a message to Scott Walker that his brand of divisive politics is offensive and wrong”….“I want to thank Mayor Barrett, our other candidates on the ballot tonight and all the passionate, dedicated individuals on the ground who held conversations with their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers about the stakes of this election”……“And as we turn our attention to the fall, we will not cede an inch in Wisconsin to Mitt Romney who has been behind in virtually every single recent poll and who wants to go back to the same failed policies of the past from which Wisconsin is recovering. And while we’re not taking anything for granted, if Mitt Romney thinks he’s going to be the first Republican to win Wisconsin since Ronald Reagan he’s got another thing coming.”

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The new Republican Governor incurred the wrath of organized labor leaders when he passed legislation that curtailed the power of government employee unions.  Since Wisconsin has recall, the Unions were able to force recall elections of Gov. Walker and the Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.  Labor unions from all over the country flooded the state and Wisconsin Democrats with money.  Republican groups however began their own national fundraising efforts.  In the end Scott Walker was able to raise $30.5 million to defend his office.  Several Democrats ran for their nomination.  Mayor Barrett beat the labor union supported candidate in the Democratic Primary; but was only able to raise $3.9 million himself.

Former President Bill Clinton came to Wisconsin to campaign for Mayor Barrett.  President Barack H. Obama endorsed Mayor Barrett on Twitter, but expecting a Democratic defeat he did not campaign in the state.

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch also defeated her Democratic Party opponent by a margin of 53 to 47%.  The Democrats also forced recall elections in four Republican State Senate seats.  The Republicans won all four of those elections as well. Wisconsin voter turnout was 63%.  The Tea Party movement is credited with getting out Republican voters.

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.


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