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History Being Made in Mobile and South Alabama

MOBILE – “Seven and a half years after EADS/Airbus first contacted Alabama about a potential manufacturing site, their long journey to land an aircraft assembly plant in Mobile is at last complete,” said U.S. Rep Jo Bonner, R-Alabama, who was flanked by other state and local leaders in officially welcoming Airbus to the Port City Monday morning.

Today, Airbus officially announced plans to construct a $600 million facility at Mobile’s Brookley Aeroplex where it will assemble three commercial aircraft – the A319, A320 and A321 and employ up to 1,000 local workers.  Approximately 2,500 jobs will also be created during the two-year construction of Airbus’s aircraft assembly complex.

“Today, we lift the veil off plans for an industry altering world class aircraft assembly plant as well as the blueprint for South Alabama’s economic future,” Congressman Bonner observed.

“For the better part of a decade EADS/Airbus has not only forged a partnership, but also a deep bond of friendship with Mobile and the Gulf Coast, standing with us during Katrina with more than 20 tons of relief supplies and working alongside us at their engineering facility at Brookley Aeroplex.  We weathered and overcame storms that challenged our resolve, yet we never lost confidence that we would one day join hands to make history.

“Airbus chose Mobile to reshape America’s aviation industry and soon the rest of the country will find out why.  Mobile has been described as the ideal location to build a revolutionary multi-national aircraft with a well-situated port and first class infrastructure.  Yet more than that, Mobile, South Alabama and the Gulf Coast offer unequalled resilience and the determination to overcome any challenge.  We take great pride in welcoming our partner, Airbus, as we enter a new era of American aviation manufacturing.

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“Today, we tie the knot and bind out futures together.  Just as Mercedes transformed Alabama, Airbus will transform the entire Gulf Coast.  I join with all the people of South Alabama in welcoming Airbus,” Congressman Bonner said.

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