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Letter from Tea Party to Governor Robert Bentley

Staff Report

Several courageous Governors have announced that they will not move forward in implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

We, the undersigned grassroots leaders of Tea Party/Concerned Citizen Groups throughout Alabama, request that Governor Robert Bentley protect the citizens of Alabama against the massive tax increases inherent in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by announcing that he will NOT implement this legislation in Alabama. We further appeal to Governor Bentley that any current and/or future spending not take place until legally required, so that when this law is repealed, the State will not have wasted funds.

We ask that Governor Bentley join the other Governors in exhibiting courage to stand up to the Federal Government’s massive intrusion into the lives of the citizens of the State of Alabama. That he will not be a party to socialized health care and the bankrupting of the State of Alabama, in direct contradiction to our Constitution and the founding principles of limited government.

Zan Green, President,

Deanna Frankowski – Alabama Legislative Watchdog Group
Ann Eubank – Chairman, Paint Florida Red and Chairman
Becky Gerritson – President, Wetumpka TEA Party
Dawn Ray – Election 2012 Tea Leader
Eunie Smith – President, Eagle Forum of Alabama
Keith Carl Smith – Conservative Messenger
Jodi McDade – Montgomery TEA Party Patriots
Steven Guede – Rainy Day Patriots – Calhoun County Delegation
Steve Henry – Rainy Day Patriots – Calhoun County Delegation
Glenn Robinson – Wilcox County Tea Party
Ken Freeman – Alliance for Citizens’ Rights
Ronald R. Hei, Ph.D. – Co-Chairman, Common Sense Tea Party Patriots of Covington County Carol L. Moreau, D.S. – Co-Chairman, Common Sense Tea Party Patriots of Covington County Alex Balkcum – Ft. Mitchell Patriots
Vince Hartmann – Ft. Mitchell Patriots
Jerri Hartmann – Ft. Mitchell Patriots
Lou Campomenosi – Common Sense Club
Chuck and Mary Lynn Bailey – Concerned Citizens for Fair Taxation
Marcia Chambliss – Smart Girl Politics/Alabama SGPAction
Marcelo Munoz – Campaign for Liberty
Joey Acre – Co-Coordinator, Campaign for Liberty (Elmore County)
Tony Llewellyn – Athens/Limestone Tea Party Patriots
Stephen R. Phillips – Tea Party Patriots of North Alabama
Frank Dillman – Coordinator, Patriots of Liberty
Janet Taverna – President, Fairhope Chapter of Common Sense Campaign
Brenda Bowem – Concerned Citizen and GTPA
Steve Phillips – President, Tea Party Patriots of North Alabama
Mike Diggs – Vice President, Tea Party Patriots of North Alabama
Roger Cain – Fair Tax Coordinator (Decatur/Morgan County)
Roger Hill – Chairman, Walker County Tea Party (delegation of the Rainy Day Patriots)
Woody Wood – The John Birch Society- Mobile Chapter
Michael Power – Liberty Tea Party Patriots, Morgan County Alabama
Don Odom – Wiregrass Patriots
Steven Reagan Myers – T.E.A. Party TIME Network and FreedomWorks-Alabama
John Jordan – President/Chairman, Lamar County Tea Party Patriots
Virginia Phillips – Secretary/Treasurer, Lamar County Tea Party Patriots
Jo Brewer – Communication, Lamar County Tea Party Patriots

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