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Newt Gingrich Releases Delegates: Alabama Delegates Commit to Support Romney

Brandon Moseley



By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Tuesday, former Speaker of the U.S. House Newt Gingrich wrote a letter releasing all the delegates that he had accumulated during the hard fought Republican Primary season. The former Presidential candidate is urging that they join him in supporting the Romney-Ryan ticket for President and Vice-President.

Following the announcement prominent Gingrich supporter and delegate Michael Ciamarra said on Facebook, “Newt officially released his delegates today. Having been part of the Gingrich team, I am very honored and very excited to now be campaigning for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan! Former Gingrich state chair, Sen. Jabo Waggoner (R from Vestavia) and myself will be speaking on behalf of the Romney-Ryan 2012 campaign. Let’s roll.”

Speaker Gingrich said in his letter, “With the Republican National Convention beginning in Tampa within the next few days, it is time now for all Republicans to come together in common purpose to defeat President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Everyone must do their part and Callista and I are committed to doing everything that we can.”

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had already won enough delegates mathematically to apparently win the nomination; but with the Gingrich delegates freed up to join the Romney delegates it makes it much less likely that there could be any kind of suspense at the convention.

The former Speaker of the House won the Georgia and South Carolina primaries, but Romney had much more national appeal. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum finished second in the Republican delegate count but well behind Governor Romney. Senator Santorum won the Alabama Republican Primary in a very tight three way race with Speaker Gingrich and Governor Romney. Texas Congressman Ron Paul did not campaign seriously in Alabama.

Speaker Gingrich concluded, “Toward that end, I hereby release all delegates bound or pledged to me under any and all state laws or party rules. At the same time, I call upon them and all Americans committed to a safer and more prosperous American future to join Callista and me in strongly supporting the Romney-Ryan ticket. Together, we can and will defeat Barack Obama in November.”





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