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Mike Hubbard Asking Public For Input in to Alabama Values and States Rights Commission

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives Mike Hubbard (R) from Auburn announced Thursday that the new Commission on Alabama Values and State’s Rights has just completed its new website:

Speaker Hubbard said on Facebook, “I am pleased to announce the launch of, the official website of the Speaker’s Commission on Alabama Values and State’s Rights. Please take a moment to visit the site and submit your thoughts on how we can best protect your values and implement 10th Amendment safeguards here in Alabama.”

Alabama State Representative April Weaver (R) from Brierfield said on Facebook, “A few weeks ago, I was honored to be chosen as a member of Speaker Mike Hubbard’s Commission on Alabama Values and State’s Rights, a study-group of conservatives from across Alabama who have been tasked with listening to your thoughts and ideas on how to best protect your values and your rights here in our state. Now I’m excited to let you know about the official website of the Commission on Alabama Values and State’s Rights. It will give you an opportunity to submit your thoughts to the Commission on what’s most important to you, and how your freedoms can best be protected against an ever-encroaching federal government. We’ve already made great strides in protecting the integrity of our state through conservative legislation, and we want to hear from you as we plan our upcoming legislative agenda. Please take a moment to visit the site and let us know what’s important to you.”

On the website itself Speaker Hubbard said, “Individual rights of Alabamians are under attack from an ever-expanding and encroaching federal government, committed liberal activists, and entrenched special interests fighting to preserve the dysfunctional status quo,” Speaker Hubbard said. “I have asked this commission to search for ways the Legislature can help preserve the 10th Amendment rights guaranteed to Alabama by the U.S. Constitution while, at the same time, suggesting bills and other measures that will repel the federal assault on our citizens’ freedoms and liberties.”

The Commission has drawn some criticism. The Political Director of the Alabama College Democrats State Federation, Cody Jones said in response to the announcement on Facebook, “ Because the best way to protect us from big government is to have a top government official create a commission, chaired by another government official, with four other government officials comprising of the commission itself whose job is to protect you from government. Am I the only one missing the irony here?”

The members of the Commission include the Rev. John Killian Sr. from Birmingham, Lynn Mitchell Robinson from Addison, Yellow Hammer Politics founder and editor Cliff Simms, Rep. Ed Henry (R) from Hartselle, Rep. April Weaver (R) from Brierfield, Rep. Barry Moore (R) from Enterprise, and Rep. Kurt Wallace (R) from Maplesville

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To visit the website:

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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