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Tea Party News Network Launches, Vows to Hold Politicians Accountable

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From Leaders of the Tea Party News Network 

WASHINGTON D.C.- Leaders of the Tea Party News Network (TPNN) today announced the launch of their convention-shattering news website — one devoted to providing news and opinion to conservative activists without the filter of the mainstream media or political party establishments.

“There are plenty of news websites out there, but there isn’t one that caters directly to Tea Party conservatives, providing activists with coverage and opinion that matters to them,”  Todd Cefaratti, editor of the Tea Party News Network, said today. “The Tea Party News Network changes that.  We don’t need our supposed betters in the mainstream media telling us which stories matter or what we should think.  We don’t mindlessly mimic the talking points of Washington leaders.  The Tea Party movement now has a home for news it can trust.”

Cefaratti vowed to serve as a vigilant watchdog on Washington’s leaders regardless of the outcome of the November election and rejected notions that the Tea Party movement has subsided.  “The Tea Party will continue have a voice in national politics whether it’s stopping President Obama’s big-government priorities in a second-term or holding a President Romney accountable for promises he made to conservatives,” Cefaratti said. “The Tea Party News Network will amplify that voice.  We work for neither candidate nor political party.”

TPNN will focus its 2012 election coverage on national and statewide races involving Tea Party candidates. From Ted Cruz in Texas to Allen West in Florida to Michele Bachmann in Minnesota to Mia Love in Utah, TPNN has correspondents on the ground following these campaigns.  Beginning Monday, November 5, TPNN will be launching a war room at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, where more than 40 volunteers will be making phone calls to undecided voters and aiding Tea Party candidates across the country.

Live streaming video coverage, anchored from Las Vegas, will begin Tuesday, November 6, at 3 PM ET online at and continue late into the night.  Partnering with the Talk Radio Network, TPNN election night coverage will be anchored by top talk radio host Rusty Humphries and TPNN News Director Scottie Nell Hughes. It will be live streamed on the Talk Radio Network and on over 350 Rusty Humphries Show affiliated radio stations nationwide. Coverage will feature exit poll results, returns as they come in, interviews and commentary from TPNN correspondents around the country, and exclusive live interviews with top candidates for national office.

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Scottie Nell Hughes, News Director of the Tea Party News Network, “TPNN aims to be the voice of the Tea Party, and it starts with our unprecedented access this election. We’ll provide coverage on tea party candidates at federal, state and local levels. We need to arm our citizens with the truth.”

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