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Candidates for State Auditor Have Differing Views

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

It is not unusual for candidates running for public office to have differing visions about what they would do if elected. But, the Republican candidates for Alabama State Auditor differ on whether the office should even exist.

Cleburne County Attorney Ray Bryan has announced that he plans to run for the office of state auditor and has proposed abolishing the office of State Auditor. He claims that new technology eliminates the need for the State Auditor and if elected Bryan vows to support a constitutional amendment to abolish his office.

The other Republican running for the office, AdamThompson (a veteran of both the Auditor’s and Secretary of State Offices) disagrees with Bryan. Thompson wrote on Facebook, “It has been suggested that the State Auditor’s office be eliminated and the duties of the office be given to the Legislature. The argument is that it will streamline government and provide more accountability. How can you have more accountability when you eliminate the only independent watchdog the citizens of Alabama have in their government? Giving the State Auditor’s duties to the Legislature is like letting the fox guard the hen house; it just doesn’t make sense!”

Alabama Sen. Gerald Dial (R) from Lineville agrees with Bryan. Sen. Dial said on Facebook, “Ray Bryan has a unique election platform “elect me and I will work to eliminate the State Auditor position”, I tried this 10 years ago, it was a good idea then and a good Idea now! Good luck Ray on your election!”

Bryan’s campaign wrote, “This may be the first time in Alabama history that anyone has ever run for an office they hope to eliminate if elected.”

The Republican Primary for State Auditor will be held in June 2014. The winner of the primary will then be on the ballot in a General Election in November of 2014.

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The current State Auditor Samantha Shaw (R) is term limited from seeking a third term for the office. The winner of the Republican Primary battle between Bryan and Thompson will face the winner of the Democratic Party Primary. One Democrat, Miranda Karrine Joseph (a certified internal auditor) has already announced that she is seeking the Democratic Party nomination for the office.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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