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Food stamps are needed

By Darrell Turner

275 million Americans never give a second thought about going to bed hungry, because we don’t. Most of us over eat our evening meal, and often we snack just before bed time. But 47 million Americans don’t have the luxury of a stocked fridge just waiting to be raided. These needy people rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as SNAPS or food stamps.

Three out of four families receiving food stamps have children that will see their monthly allotment reduced on October 31, 2013 if Republicans in Congress have their way. An additional 500,000 people, including children, will have their food stamps eliminated completely. This reduction in SNAPS benefits will take food from the mouths of families led by single parents, and 1.5 million military veterans and their dependents will also feel the pain of less food on the table.

Not one member of the United States Congress goes to bed hungry, and no child in America should have to either. And no parent should have to experience sending a child to bed without enough food, simply because some fat Congressman is more concerned about re-election than helping needy Americans.

The SNAPS program is one of America’s largest social safety net programs and has been the most successful. This program provides families and individuals quick help meeting basic needs. The Congress can close loopholes that benefit mega corporations over individuals if they really want to save tax dollars and raise revenues. The Congress can also adjust tax rates so that rich Americans can pay a more equitable share of taxes. But this holier-than-thou group of spoiled and hypocritical fat-cat politicians can keep their hands off the food stamp program. There are hungry people across America that need help and feeding them properly is the least we can do. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is needed, and it works.

Darrell Turner is the Chairman of the Cleburne County Democratic Party

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