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England addresses Birmingham Young Democrats

By Beth Clayton
Alabama Political Reporter

BIRMINGHAM–Representative Christopher England (D-Tuscaloosa) addressed the Birmingham Young Democrats Monday night at their June meeting.

England spoke about the history of the Alabama Democratic Party, how he got his start in politics and the issues that will come up during the 2014 elections.

Most notably, England spoke about the Accountability Act and the aspects of the bill that divided Republicans over the past session.

The Accountability Act “will negatively affect our public education for years to come,” England said, over the final versions that are now law.

England explained to the group that Republicans fought amongst themselves all session over how to define a “failing school,” who is eligible to receive the vouchers and whether implementation should be delayed.

Governor Robert Bentley added an executive amendment to HB658, the bill that made significant changes to the Accountability Act. The amendment was defeated upon return to the Legislature.

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The list of failing schools is scheduled for release from the Alabama State Department of Education this morning.

On the issues that will impact the elections in 2014, England said that the impact the past session had on teachers and state employees will remain an issue.

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None of these accomplishments occurred because of simple luck, coincidence, or the stars happened to align in a precise path.  

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