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Sellers Launches Website in House District 74

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Republican Heather Sellers is part of a crowded field running in the special election for Alabama House of Representatives. Sellers has launched her campaign website and a campaign facebook site.

The Sellers campaign announced that Heather is not running, “…to be just another face in the crowd, she is running to be a conservative leader and champion of our principles.”

Heather Sellers describes herself as, “…a proven leader who is committed to providing conservative representation for the 74th District.” Sellers says that she is, “…a proud wife and mother. Heather treasures her faith and family foremost in her life. She is a committed Christian and, along with her husband Rick, has worked to instill faith and Alabama values in her two children.

For twenty years, Heather has also worked as a business executive in the marketing field, helping to create jobs in the Montgomery area and experiencing firsthand how the policies of Washington are robbing Alabamians of the ability to provide for their families.”

Mrs. Sellers says, “She has served her church as an active member, and her involvement in charitable groups like the YMCA and Junior League has allowed her to make a positive impact on the youth of Central Alabama.”

Heather Sellers has been the Vice Chairman of the Montgomery County School Board. Heather wrote that in that role she, has gone toe-to-toe with the liberal special interests, fought against Obama’s Common Core curriculum, and stood for educational reform that was desperately needed.”

Sellers promised that if elected she, “…is going to the State House to provide bold, conservative solutions for the people of Alabama.” 

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On reducing crime Sellers wrote in her statement,

“Our state desperately needs reform in the criminal system. Our prison systems are too crowded, there are far too many criminals on our streets, and too many families do not feel safe. As your State Representative, Heather will be aggressive about pursuing reforms that will keep criminals behind bars by enforcing our laws, analyzing new ideas, and standing strong for solutions that will provide a safe environment to live work, and raise a family.”

On creating jobs the Sellers campaign wrote:

“Heather is a business executive in the marketing field and has been for twenty years. That experience has given her a front row seat to the economic challenges created by the reckless spending, excessive taxation, and burdensome regulations stemming from Washington. In the State House, Heather will join her conservative colleagues in opposing Obamacare and other federal mandates that kill job growth in our state. She will also work tirelessly to keep your tax burden low, maintain responsible spending in Montgomery, and fight for policies that will grow jobs in Alabama and in your community.”

Sellers wrote,

“Far too often, liberal interest groups are able to ram their agenda down the throats of Alabama’s families. Heather has stood against that agenda and also has strongly opposed Obama’s “Common Core” curriculum. In the legislature, Heather will be a strong voice for educational reform that promotes values instead of tearing them down, holds teachers and schools accountable, and empowers parents.”

Sellers says that if elected she will be a strong voice for the right to life, traditional marriage, and policies that promote the family unit as the backbone of our society and that she will not compromise on these key issues. Sellers also promised to, “…work tirelessly to uphold our right to keep and bear arms and the rights guaranteed to us by our Founders.”

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Charlotte Meadows and Dimitri Polizos are also running in the House District 74 special election to replace Rep. Jay Love (R) from Prattville who resigned his House seat to pursue an opportunity to lobby for education reform and school choice. The winner of the Republican Party Special Election Primary will finish Rep. Love’s remaining term, and then will face re-election in 2014.

On Thursday, the Alabama Political Reporter spoke with acting Alabama Democratic Party Chair, Nancy Worley. Worley said that the Democratic Party is not running a candidate in the House District 74 election, but that the Democratic Party expected to run a very strong candidate for the seat in 2014 with the new district lines.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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