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My Vision for the PSC and Why I’m Running

By Jonathan Barbee

Every day voters in our country and state face an onslaught from politicians who are constantly trying to implement their agenda.  With special interests, out of touch politicians and out of control federal agencies, all wanting to regulate, mandate, tax or confiscate our freedoms, jobs, money and liberties to the brink of existence, no wonder many people have lost faith on our government.

I have a vision for a brighter future for Alabama, and a plan to get us there.  I know Alabama’s future requires affordable energy, and I’ll provide the leadership to keep our energy prices as low as possible.  I’ll work to create an Alabama where industry and the environment both thrive, so that future generations of Alabamians can prosper and enjoy the wonders and beauty of our great State.  And I’ll push back against outrageous regulations, keep the liberals out of our PSC, and ensure that Alabama’s God-given natural resources aren’t forsaken just because of Barack Obama’s ill-conceived agenda.

President Obama and the other liberals have repeatedly demonstrated that they will force their agenda onto the people with no concern over our unwillingness to embrace their flawed logic.  He doesn’t care about our conservative values, ideals, and principles.  He’s more concerned with policies that are turning our cities and towns into more Detroits.

We are taxed enough.  We are regulated enough.  We are mandated enough.  And we have had more than enough confiscated, charged, levied and just plain stolen from us.

We’ve all heard politicians promise an honest, good government, but then fail to deliver anything more than the status quo.  Once they get elected there’s too much “Robbing Peter to pay Paul.” It’s been a horrible cycle and I think that is what has caused many people to become disengaged and cynical about politics and politicians.

President Obama’s allies in Montgomery are working with their friends in Washington to implement policies to limit Alabama’s coal mines and power plants.  They want to destroy our mountaintops and beaches with wind farms.  They want us to stop using our State’s bountiful resources to create jobs and benefit the hard-working people of this State and fall right in line with their distorted view of what makes America success.

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The elitists and their bureaucratic allies don’t share the same conservative, common sense values you and I share.  They don’t share our work ethic.  They don’t share our belief in our God, our families, and the freedom to work and make a better life for ourselves.

Know that once I’m elected, I will work to uphold our conservative values.  I will be fair and reasonable and I will not be a sock puppet for the special interests.  I will work every day to help make Alabama a better place to live, work and raise a family because that’s what we should expect from our public officials.

There are some things that you can expect from me and there are some things you should not.  You won’t hear me making wild promises about what kind of miracles I’ll work once I’m elected.  I won’t cure the sick, heal the lame, make electricity free, or be able to single handedly stop the liberal’s agenda.

However, I will wake up daily and work to oppose Obama’s out-of-control EPA when they try to destroy Alabama jobs.  I will oppose them when they try to drive up our utility rates with unrealistic regulations, and when they try to inflict their inefficient, costly, animal-slaughtering wind farms on our beautiful State.

I will work to balance the needs of the utility companies to make a fair profit with the needs of Alabama consumers and industry.  Without making a profit, the utilities will go out of business, and then who will fix the power lines the next time a tree falls or a tornado ravages a community?  On the other hand, if our power bills are too high, our families will suffer, many small businesses could close, and it will be impossible to attract more industry to our State.  Striking this balance won’t be easy, and it will never satisfy everyone, but it has to be done and done right-without the influence of the special interests on either side-for all our sakes.

With other conservative leaders, I will work as hard as I can to bring more industry and jobs to our State, and create an environment where our existing companies can grow and expand.  Sometimes this will require hard choices, but those are decisions I’m willing to make.

When I have to make hard choices, I will be guided by my faith in God, in my conservative values, and by the people of Alabama, not political pressure from special interests.

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I want to bring common sense and fairness to Place 2 of the Public Service Commission, but I can’t do it alone.  I need your help, and I need you on my team.  I’d like you to find me on Facebook or visit my website.  When I’m in your town, come speak to me about what’s on your mind.

Together, we can make Alabama an even better place to live and work, for ourselves and our families!

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