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Stan Cooke Holds Fundraiser in Walker County

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Tuesday, Stan Cooke (R) gathered in Sumiton with over 30 close friends, family and supporters to kickoff his campaign for Lieutenant Governor.

Al Blanton from Jasper introduced Cooke.  He said, “I am glad to be here supporting Stan.”  Blanton said that Stan is not a man about political correctness he is honest and bold. “We want to see a Walker County boy bending the ear of the governor as soon as possible.”

Stan Cooke said that they have been in over 40 counties and we are gaining support in each county that we visit. Cooke said that county party leaders and tea party groups both have been receptive to his message. Cooke announced that he has been endorsed by Sarah Palin’s father and brother, Chuck Heath, and they are working on getting Sarah Palin’s endorsement. “That will really help us go over the top.”

Cooke said that we have finally got a Republican majority, “But we can not go to Montgomery and act like the old Democratic Party has for years.” Cooke said that the Republican Super-majority must have the right motives. “The people of Alabama know when we have been told a lie,” so Republicans must be true to their conservative values.

Cooke said there are several things they want to accomplish.  He said there are parts of Alabama that are in desperate need of economic development. The Birmingham metro area has lost 120,000 production and manufacturing jobs over recent decades. The Wiregrass, the Blackbelt, and the Corridor between Anniston and Gadsden are other areas that have lost jobs. People are moving out of state to find employment because their native region is in decline.

On education, Cooke said, “For too long the liberal democrats have controlled the education agenda in this state. It is time for Christian conservatives to control the education agenda in Alabama. Cooke said that he supports defeating Common Core.  “Common Core will hold this state back.”

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Cooke said that he supports high education standards and criticized Alabama for not putting enough resources into education. Cooke said that the state needs a stronger Alabama Accountability Act. He said that it is not not right to identify a school as failing and not devote the energy, time, money and effort in that school to keep it from failing.

Cooke said that there was not a single failing school in Walker County.  Cooke said that schools needed community involvement, parental involvement, and business involvement.  Cooke proposed holding an education summit that included the leadership of the four year colleges, the two year college leadership, the public schools, and the private schools.

Cooke warned that President Obama and the EPA were attacking our coal jobs. Cooke said, “The coal industry has no problems with ADEM. It is the EPA that is stonewalling all the coal contracts.”

Cooke said that he had met with attorney Jay Sekulow and other legal scholars and they have decided to flood the courts with lawsuits challenging the EPA to fight back against the war on coal.

Cooke said that the state needs leadership.  “We can have visionary ideas.”  Cooke suggested that Alabama look at the South Dakota model and possibly start a state bank.

To fight illegal immigration, Cooke proposed passing real estate a law that says if you are not a legal resident you can not rent, buy or sell property in Alabama.  Stan also proposed passing a state banking law that would ban illegal aliens from banking or making wire transfers without legal status.

Cooke is running against incumbent Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey (R).

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Cooke said, “I am running against an incumbent who is a lifetime politician and bureaucrat.”  Cooke said that Ivey is a former liberal Democrat who changed to the Republican party to get elected.

Cooke said, “I have been a Republican all my life.  The first candidate I voted for is Ronald Reagan.”

Cooke said that he supports: Republican values, God and country, Christian values, running the state with integrity.  “I will never embarrass you. My conduct and behavior will not shame you,” Cooke vowed.

Cooke promised that if elected he will put on the Lt Governor’s web page a synopsis on every bill being considered by the state legislature that day.

Cooke said that, “The Governor is doing a great job. But as your Lt. Governor I will there in the Governor’s ear if he ever gets off the conservative path. I will also be there to tell you what is going on.”

Cooke said, “You can not legislate the poor people into economic prosperity by taking from rich people.” When somebody receives something without working for it somebody else has had to work for them.”  Cooke said that others are getting the fruits of our labor and that many people are living on the public dole. “We must tighten the reins.”

Cooke introduced his Michelle and their daughters Heather and Heidi as well as the Cooke’s parents.

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Al Blanton said to follow Stan Cooke on Facebook and Twitter.  We are facing an incumbent with name recognition.

Cooke said afterwords on Facebook, “East Walker County Campaign Kick-off was a success. 
So far I have spoken to groups in 47 counties and I am looking forward to visiting each GOP & Tea Party Group in the weeks and months to come.”

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Brandon Moseley is a senior reporter with over nine years at Alabama Political Reporter. During that time he has written 8,941 articles for APR. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Facebook. Brandon is a native of Moody, Alabama, a graduate of Auburn University, and a seventh generation Alabamian.



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